Home Improvements

We've officially been in the houe for seven and a half months now and we've made some drastic and not so drastic changes to improve the place. I haven't blogged in FOR-EV-ER (<--to be said like the kid on the sandlot)so I figured that this subje
ct would be a good one to start back with. The most drastic thing that we've done to this house is pull up the carpet and put down some wood laminate flooring. What most people don't know is that we really couldn't afford to do such a thing, and we were not p
lanning on doing something so cosmetic in the first few months of home ownership, but we had to. Well we didn't really have to put the flooring down, but we definitely had to pull the carpet up. We had a little leak problem with the master bathroom and it ruined the carpet in the living room as well as our enterta
inment center. When we pulled up the carpet we saw how unbelievably nasty it was underneath. Apparently several dogs had
peed all over it and our dogs were peeing everywhere on it too. We knew that we didn't need to get carpet again but we couldn't really afford anything else. Buuuuuut after about a week of having a dirty concrete floor we got a Home Depot card and
put some floors down. I don't recommend getting
a Home Depot card, but I also don't recommend having a living room that looks like ours did at that time. The floors were a great step up with this house, and though we couldn't afford them, I am glad that the leak happened and we have this now. :)Here are some photos. Sidenote: I had an EXTREMELY difficult time post
ing photos to this blog. I think I need a tutorial. If I ever get the hang of this, I'll start updating more on home improvements.


Lissa Michelle said…
I've been wondering if you ever wer going to blog here again!
chelsea said…
oh yeah. in the finished product picture, the molding wasn't back up. but now it is. so really, that isn't the final product.

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