More Changes

The house is still slowly but surely coming along with some changes. Actually, the past month or so things have been going really quickly. We hung curtains, we painted the kitchen, changed out light fixtures, got the new trash can and the new table and chairs, hung some art, painted the bar cabinets, put the material up in the bar, and got a new lamp. I am really excited about all of the above. Below are some before photos followed by their afters. We still have to put shelves in the bar so stay tuned for that photo on a later date.


Lissa Michelle said…
is that fabric on the wall in the bar? looks GREAT! love it!
chelsea said…
Yes liss. It's fabric. :)
The Walton's said…
Your house looks awesome Chelsea!! I LOVE the fabric wall!! Check out my blog, I have an award for you!

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