The Fam

The Fam

Sunday, August 29, 2010

21 Weeks

My goodness how things have changed this past week! I really think my stomach popped! Everything was normal and then Tuesday I ate a bean burrito and a Mexican pizza for lunch and all of the sudden it was like I couldn't hold my stomach in for the life of me. It was just protruding! I felt like it was the food's fault until hours had passed and I went to dinner at a best friend's house. All of my girlfriends noticed that I was bigger than the previous Tuesday. It really was bizarre. I mean, I would expect to be a little bit bigger week by week but in just a matter of days I looked totally different. So here we are on Sunday and I am still protruding. I can't blame it on the bean burrito and the Mexican pizza after this many days. So I suppose this is it. I am DEFINITELY showing, no mistaking it. I was showing before, but still one of those "if you're a stranger and you think I look pregnant, you probably shouldn't bring it up because there's a chance I could be bloated or I could have just had a baby" type of showings. Not only do I look different, I feel different too. After I eat I have worse pains than before. It still feels like my stomach is being magnetized to the floor, but even worse. I am having some round ligament pains also. It feels very strange when I am standing up and I rest my hands on my desk at work. Imagine that I'm sort of bending over but just resting that way. In those moments it feels like somebody has ripped what few abdominal muscles that I had before out of my stomach and replaced them with something strange that feels as if it is pulling apart in my abdomen. But other than moments just here and there, things are still going great. I usually wake up every two hours almost on the dot to change sleep positions or go pee, and that's okay with me. At least I go right back to sleep. Last night I woke up crying because I had a dream that Hooper really hurt my feelings. Lame I know. When I have the day off from work I tend to either sleep until noon, or at least lay in bed until noon. It's really nice. Apparently at this week in the pregnancy Finley weighs over a pound. She should be about 8 inches long from the top of her head to the bottom of her rump. I feel her pretty regularly now and Hooper actually got to feel her on Friday night. It was really cool. I had put my hands on my belly and thought that I could feel it, but when you're feeling it from the inside it's hard to tell if you are really feeling it from the outside too or if you are imagining it because you know it's happening. So I told him that I was pretty sure I could feel her and to put his hand there. He did and sure enough she moved right then. He was really excited and it was a pretty cool moment for us. This morning I was certain that Spanky was ready for Finley to be here, as he put his paw on my stomach and attempted to rip open my belly button. Then I realized that he just wanted to snuggle with me. Alice is laying her head right by my belly as I type this.

Everyone asks me, "What is going to happen to your dogs when Finley is here? They aren't going to get nearly as much attention!" Here is what I have to say about that. Yes, I know that you have had children before me and you have said the same thing that I am about to say, but I also know myself and I know my dogs and I know how I feel about the situation. My dogs will not suffer as a result of Finley's arrival and existence. As it is already, Alice gets the most attention of all the dogs. Not because I play favorites, but because she is so much more dependent on me. She only weighs 3 pounds, so her jumping up on my lap when I have Finley is not going to be a bad thing. I will welcome her to join us. Laugh if you want, but if you know my bond with Alice then you should have faith in what I say. She cuddles up so close to me at night and when I get up, she stays in the same spot and awaits my return. Finley wont be sleeping in our bed so our cuddle time should not be interrupted unless I am getting up to feed Fin or to tend to her in some other way. In these situations I feel confident that Alice will either come to the nursery with me, or await my return as usual. No biggie. Now with Lefty, she is extremely independent. I don't see much changing with her either. She only wants up on our laps every now and then, and she sleeps in our bed sometimes and on the floor sometimes. She is pretty happy with life as long as she is being fed, let outside, and has fresh water in the bathroom in our bedroom every night at bed time. Heck she's just happy to be alive and thankful that Hooper saved her! Spanky boy is a combination of Alice and Lefty. He is very snuggly and attached, but he also can take care of himself pretty well. (He can't pour the food or run the water though.) He's a really, really good dog and I think he'll be very protective of Finley. I think it will be a little bit of an adjustment for him, probably more than for the other two. But I think it will make him feel more needed and like he has another job around here. (Other than chasing away Lyle and telling us when someone is here and when there is a storm outside.) So there you have it. I really think my dog situation will remain like it is. We will all be one big happy family and no body's bonds will disintegrate. Like I said, laugh it up if you wish, but you watch. 2011 Christmas cards everyone will be wearing matching outfits! (Kidding.) Okay, off of my soapbox now. Here is a picture of me today. I'm telling you, major difference from last Sunday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

20 weeks

Halfway there. I really can't believe that. It has gone by very fast it seems. I really think that the timing of the pregnancy has a lot to do with that. If I would have gotten pregnant in November then it probably would have felt like a long pregnancy because from November to the summer seems like eternity! The months from January to May seem to drag on. But it always seems to me that summer flies by, and then Christmas comes before we know it. So I think that's why it feels like it's happening quickly for me. It is crazy how the last week I have felt major changes. I went from not really feeling very pregnant to feeling pregnant. I feel her move around all the time now. I have a hard time bending over to pick things up. Not that my stomach is huge or anything, just that it hurts. Also, my feet have started swelling. I really hate that. It's pretty uncomfortable, but it gives me an excuse to take a break and put my feet up. (At home that is. I wouldn't do that at work unless it was absolutely unbearable. I don't want my coworkers to think I'm lazy! My husband already knows I am so that doesn't matter. :)) I don't think my stomach has gotten any bigger the past couple of weeks. Below is a picture from a minute ago and it is a horrible picture. I don't have any makeup on and I look very tired. I'm not really tired though. I slept until 12:00 today. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

19 weeks 2 days

I really want to start posting every week on Sundays but this week my Sunday was busy. So here is my 19 week post. Everything has gone really well in the past week. It's a little bit hard to move in the night but that body pillow is so awesome. I'm still having indigestion but I realize that comes with my food choices, and when it all boils down to it, I believe it's worth it. :) I craved jalapenos so badly yesterday and made nachos at lunch just to have a host to bring the jalapenos to my mouth. They were so delicious and worth all of my pain last night. I think I'm feeling Finley every now and then. I feel little flutters here and there. She is about 6 1/2 inches long from the top of her head to her bottom. She is the size of a small cantaloupe. I don't think I'm showing anymore this week than last week. Not much of a post this week but when I'm pregnant next time I want to be able to look back and see how I am feeling and what's happening at different points. Here is a picture from Sunday at exactly 19 weeks.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

18 Week Sonogram

Okay so here is the short blog regarding our sonogram we had done Monday, August 9th. This sonogram was an extremely important one for Hooper and me. Since we declined the Quad Screen blood test, we were very anxious. The ultrasound tech at my doctor's office used to be a high risk ultrasound tech. This means that she knows exactly what to look for when it comes to anything that might be wrong that is viewable in a sonogram. We spent about 25 minutes in there with her as she made sure that every little thing measured correctly and that everything looked okay. She assured us that there were several things that we could rule out and Dr. Deem even told us that most of the things the Quad Screen tests for appeared to be okay through the sonogram. The ultrasound tech told me that Finley was extremely active. She was very wiggly on the screen. Oh and she did assure us that Finley is a girl. :) Dr. Deem told us that she is measuring in the 44th percentile which means if she stays at this rate throughout the pregnancy, she should be about a 7 pound baby! Here are some pictures that we got at the visit.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

18 weeks

This will be a short post because I plan to post another tomorrow after our doctor's appointment. Just to sum things up I am 18 weeks today and Finley is the size of a mango. After those couple of days that I blogged about in the last post, things are going well again. I finally figured out a position with the body pillow that works for me. I also got an at home fetal heartbeat detector and it is AWESOME. It was $29 on and I would recommend it to anybody that is expecting! I have heard her heartbeat every day for the past three days. All it takes is a little water on my belly and a little pressure with the monitor and bam! There's her heartbeat pumping loudly and clearly through my headphones! I researched a lot of different at home Dopplers and a lot of moms said that this one worked wonders for being so cheap. I am so happy that we got it. Actually my mom got it for us. Thanks Mom! It is called Angel Sounds if you're interested. Hooper was out of town Wednesday through today and Anna, Eddie and Elliott have been gone since Thursday to Sea World so Mom and Beckett came over for an extended slumber party! We have had such a good time! Beck has christened the crib and she was so used to the nursery that when Mom would say, "Beck, are you ready for bed?" She would lead her back to the nursery with her bottle and walk right in. Saturday the three of us went to get all of the fabric for the nursery and I couldn't be happier with it! We also went to pick up our awesome glider that Hilda, Sarah and Laura got for us. Let me tell you, it is even better than the one we tried out in the store. I mean, of course it's the same one but it's a new one. The one in store has been sat in by hundreds of people. Ours is fluffy and brand new and just anxious for my bottom to sit in it! I love it so much! Here are some photos of our slumber party, the fabric, one of the fabric projects, the chair, and my belly. Please know that in the photo of Beck lounging on my body pillow I am terribly embarrassed by the appearance of my bed. It turns out that this post is longer than I thought it would be. Perhaps tomorrow's wont be as long as I initially planned.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

17 weeks 2 days

I'm gonna just get straight to the point here. I am officially into week 18 and I can honestly say that the honeymoon seems as though it might be over with this pregnancy. Within the past two days I have had more pain than I have felt at all in the pregnancy. In the mornings I feel pretty good but after I eat lunch it's as if I can barely walk. Everything inside my stomach feels as though it weighs 200 pounds and is being magnetized toward the floor. In other words, it's far from comfy. I went from looking like I had gained some weight to looking like a pregnant lady over night. A few mornings ago I stretched really big in bed and my halfway asleep mind imagined stretch marks popping up one by one rapidly as I stretched my stomach. It was so strange. So now that I had that weird half awake dream, when I stretch I think about it even though I know that isn't how they'll come about. I also realized recently that I might ought to start sleeping on my side now. This is an extremely uncomfortable position for me to get used to. I am normally an every position sleeper. I fall asleep on my back, roll over to the left, then the right, and awake on my stomach all in smooth motions that don't awaken me. Now that I'm aware of the fact that the best position for pregnancy is on your left side, I awaken with every movement, or desire for movement I should say. I finally went to get one of those weird S shaped body pillows for pregnant ladies and I'll tell you what, that thing is expensive! Once I saw the best one there which was the full S shaped one, I realized that it might be made for "average" women. Meaning that my 5'11" body might be squeenched in the S and I'd be completely racked by the time I was in there. Soooooo, I opted for the candy cane shaped one. I gotta say that I don't really understand it yet. I went back to sleeping on my back and decided we might cross that bridge next week after I talk to my doctor about sleep positions. But aside from all of the pregnancy stuff, things are going well with baby stuff. We got the nursery painted and that is soooo relieving to me! I have so many dreams for this room and slowly but surely I think they're coming true. I will probably post pictures here and there of the room and then a final one when it is completely done. And I can't wait for that day! Our great friends Hilda, Laura and Sarah got us our dream glider chair and ottoman for the room and in a couple of weeks it'll be here! I don't understand why everyone in their right mind doesn't own a glider. Why would we spend money on a regular Laz-E Boy and not on one of these wonders?! I can't wait for the room to be all done and to just go sit and glide in there with a good book as I await Finley's arrival. Oh yeah, that's another thing. August 9th we go to the doctor for our gender sonogram. So remember, I cheated on my doctor and already found out so I'll have to put on my best Oscar winning performance of pure shock at the appointment. HOWEVER, if she tells us that this baby is a boy, there will be no acting involved. It's really a big appointment because she'll tell us how the baby is measuring and how things are looking so far. I am really, really excited about it. Nervous too, but mainly excited. Here are a few photos of the nursery so far. Please note, the running horses boarder IS NOT THE NURSERY. That was before and I have hated it since we bought the house but taking it down was really hard so it waited until now. :)