18 weeks

This will be a short post because I plan to post another tomorrow after our doctor's appointment. Just to sum things up I am 18 weeks today and Finley is the size of a mango. After those couple of days that I blogged about in the last post, things are going well again. I finally figured out a position with the body pillow that works for me. I also got an at home fetal heartbeat detector and it is AWESOME. It was $29 on amazon.com and I would recommend it to anybody that is expecting! I have heard her heartbeat every day for the past three days. All it takes is a little water on my belly and a little pressure with the monitor and bam! There's her heartbeat pumping loudly and clearly through my headphones! I researched a lot of different at home Dopplers and a lot of moms said that this one worked wonders for being so cheap. I am so happy that we got it. Actually my mom got it for us. Thanks Mom! It is called Angel Sounds if you're interested. Hooper was out of town Wednesday through today and Anna, Eddie and Elliott have been gone since Thursday to Sea World so Mom and Beckett came over for an extended slumber party! We have had such a good time! Beck has christened the crib and she was so used to the nursery that when Mom would say, "Beck, are you ready for bed?" She would lead her back to the nursery with her bottle and walk right in. Saturday the three of us went to get all of the fabric for the nursery and I couldn't be happier with it! We also went to pick up our awesome glider that Hilda, Sarah and Laura got for us. Let me tell you, it is even better than the one we tried out in the store. I mean, of course it's the same one but it's a new one. The one in store has been sat in by hundreds of people. Ours is fluffy and brand new and just anxious for my bottom to sit in it! I love it so much! Here are some photos of our slumber party, the fabric, one of the fabric projects, the chair, and my belly. Please know that in the photo of Beck lounging on my body pillow I am terribly embarrassed by the appearance of my bed. It turns out that this post is longer than I thought it would be. Perhaps tomorrow's wont be as long as I initially planned.


Anne said…
You are so cute. I LOVE the classic "beside the crib pose". . . simply timeless :)
Lissa Michelle said…
love beck. love the fabric. love the glider. love you. you're almost halfway there! crazy!
mackenzie said…
wow that glider looks like a recliner! fancy ;) looks comfy and beck is so cute!

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