22 weeks and 1 day

I should have written this blog yesterday but this weekend has been jam packed. Lefty has been really sick, Hooper has been out of town and this is the weekend that we (Faith, Anna, Shanna, Kayla, Lissa and I) arranged for Mackenzie to come down and spend the holiday with us. The weekend was bittersweet because we had such a great time with each other, but it was jaded by my sick little dog having to be hospitalized pretty much all day every day, not to mention I had some pretty bad stomach aches myself. Our plan for the weekend was to act as if we were out of town and lay by the pool and giggle and for the three of us that are pregnant to drink virgin pina coladas and for the others to drink whatever their hearts wished. It truly was a great time when I was able to forget about Lefty and her belly ache. We laughed so hard and we had so much fun playing games and learning even MORE about each other than we already knew. (You girls know what I'm talking about! LOL) But back to the pregnancy stuff, this past week was smooth. I don't have a new photo to put up because I look really bad today. I'll probably post one Wednesday after my doctor's appointment. I saw my stomach move on Thursday and it was nuts! We lay in bed watching it in amazement for a while. Since then I've seen it a few times. I feel her a LOT. She has gotten a lot more active at night time and early in the morning. Oh, Wednesday a stranger told me that I'm definitely showing in my face now. So, there's that at least. Haha. I am really lucky and blessed that I get to be pregnant with two of my very best friends. Anna is due two months after me and Faith is due a month after Anna! It's really a great bonding experience to share. We used my Doppler and Faith borrowed a different Doppler from a friend and we tried to listen to the heartbeats last night. We found Anna's baby's and heard it loud and clear. The Doppler that Faith borrowed shows the heart rate, so on her it did show a high number for a second but we weren't ever able to clearly hear it. (She just texted me that she heard it for 30 seconds tonight though.) We didn't really need to hear mine since I was feeling Finley move all around as we were searching on the other bellies. I am so excited that these three children will be so close in age. Another fun thing is that another friend of mine, Maggie, is due three days before me. So we are able to share all kinds of things about how we are feeling, how we are sleeping, nursery progress, etc. It makes it very nice to be able to have someone you know be in the same boat as you and due within just a few days. Here is her blog by the way. www.mgwalton.blogspot.com I highly recommend it if you need another blog to follow! Well, that's really about it for this past week. I will write more Wednesday I suppose. If not, I'll at least add a picture. And apparently I don't really know how to post a link on here. I couldn't get Maggie's blog link to work. :(


Lissa Michelle said…
not only is it fun to be pg together, but you'll find that it's fun to have kids the same age, too (within a few months) because you'll always be going through the same thing at about the same time. love you and had a great weekend. and those virgin pina coladas were the best thing EVAH! felt like mexico!

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