23 weeks

Not much difference between this week and last week really. I'm feeling pretty good. Just that haunting indigestion but I've come to realize that is just a part of pregnancy that I need to get used to. It isn't all day every day so I'm happy with that. Hooper talked to Finley through my belly last night and she moved A LOT back at him. We got a kick out of that. (No pun intended. ;) I'll be here all night folks!) We did a little bit of nursery work this weekend. We are having the window valance and bed skirt and pillows made by somebody else, but I wanted to do something myself. You know that impulsive feeling you get when you have a great idea and then all of the sudden you want to do it right then? Well that is how I was feeling about a couple of ideas I had for the nursery. So, we made it happen. Thank Heavens for my mom who majored in Art in college and used to teach art school! I had some ideas and my mom really made it happen. I googled images of whimsical birds and vintage birds and found a couple of birds that I really liked and Mom and I brainstormed and brainstormed of how we could create these little artwork frames of the birds made out of my fabric. Lucky for me, she was smarter and knew that the material would fray if we just cut the shape of the birds out. (I wouldn't have thought of that until I actually crossed that bridge.) So she had the idea to cut poster board in the shapes of the birds and use quilt batting behind a square of fabric to sort of give it a 3 dimensional look. I am SOOO happy with the finished product! I think that the birds are adorable and are EXACTLY the look I wanted. The only other project that I worked on was covering a lamp shade with fabric. It was hard work! It sounds easy, and it only took me about 20 minutes, but there was a lot of thinking involved and I still didn't make it flawless. We got a little night stand from Target for $14.99 and got the lamp and lamp shade there as well for pretty cheap. The nursery isn't lacking THAT much now. We just need to get all of the fabric creations complete from the outside source and get a dresser and then add lots of knick knacks and books on Finley's shelves and I'm thinking it'll be complete! Little by little it is all coming together. Here are some photos from the weekend. One of these days I'm going to take REAL photos with my real camera and you'll get a better feel for the colors. You'd think since I claim myself as a photographer, I'd use something other than my iphone. :)


Lissa Michelle said…
love the way the birds turned out! very cute!

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