The Fam

The Fam

Sunday, October 24, 2010

29 Weeks

Horrible indigestion. Bad gas pains. That's about the only negative thing going on pregnancy wise right now. The indigestion seems to be getting worse. And I have had such horrible gas pains that I've actually had to go home from work twice. We got the bedskirt and the pillows back from the lady that was making them and the bedskirt was too long. :( However, we decided that we are going to rig it a way that will work without having to hem it. In the photo below, the bright aqua color on the bed is the top of the bedskirt. It is NOT the sheet. Mom and I talked about the window valance today and we decided exactly what we want and hopefully we will get that done in the next month or so. Other than that, the nursery hasn't changed much. I took some photos of some of my favorites of Finley's clothes. There are also tons of leggings and shoes that I love that I didn't want to get out. My belly looks a little bigger in this photo than last week and I'm getting a little bit more uncomfortable. But only 11 more weeks to go! That is so crazy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

28 Weeks

I am feeling Finley a lot more often now. She is a busy body these days. The cool thing is that I can see her moving almost every time she moves. I wish everybody that I love could see these movements in person because it's so neat. Mom got to witness a big old ripple across my belly today. I have been trying to video the movements to show people but it's really hard to see it on the video as clearly as you can see it in person. But I have attached two videos where you can see a little bit of it. We didn't do anything nursery related this week because it's all out of our hands until we get these two projects returned from the outside sources. I can't remember if I mentioned in my last blog that I think my ph balance is out of whack being pregnant. I get body odor much quicker and I think I need to switch deodorant. That might be a little TMI but it's true. And after all, I write these blogs so that I can look back in my next pregnancy and see what to expect and when. And at this point, body odor is what to expect. :) It's not a disgusting onion type of b.o, but it's just not a nice fresh armpit smell that I'd prefer. Ha. Finley is apparently around 17 inches long now. That is outrageous to me! She's almost as long as she will be when she's full term. She still needs to put on the pounds though. She only weighs around 3 pounds right now. She's longer than Alice weighs more than her! That is NUTS! My indigestion has still been rough. I finally got my hair done this week and got rid of my awful roots! I went to Ft. Worth with my mom today so I didn't have time to get Sassy or Emmi for the photo so I had to use Alice again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

27 weeks

I can't believe I will only have 13 more of these weekly blogs to write! Where am I ever going to find 13 pets for the pictures though? Ha. Of course I'll still blog after she gets here, but this specific type of blog is what I'm talking about. This past week went pretty well. I have started having a pain in my tailbone area when I sit for a while. It mainly hits me in the car on the way to or from Ft. Worth or further or at work in my seat. I think I've decided that I'm going to get a super cute cushion from Pier 1 and put it in my chair at work. I have been having the world's worst hot flashes the past two weeks. And once they hit, there is almost no getting rid of them. My coworkers all complain that I'm freezing them out but I honestly can't help it. It is awful! I've always been a very hot natured person anyway and to maximize it to this point is almost too much to bare! My indigestion is still kicking in but Zantac has become a very good friend of mine. Thursday I had my doctor's appointment where I had to drink the nasty drink and get my blood drawn to test for gestational diabetes and anemia. I haven't gotten the results yet but I am hoping that all is well. The past two days Finley has been so active! Last night I'm pretty sure she was having a party in my uterus as I was watching SNL. I love feeling her move because it assures me that she's okay for the time being. When I haven't felt her in a while I start to panic a little bit. Sometimes I nudge her just for her to nudge me back. :) We got some nursery work done this week. I got this shelf idea from a blog when I was first researching nursery ideas. It is from one of the two nurseries that were my main inspirations for Finley's. I must say, I copied it almost to a T. You can call it nursery plagiarism I suppose but I couldn't help myself. When I found the old dress of mine I instantly remembered this one photograph of a shelf in "Norah's Nursery". So I ordered a shelf from Home Depot for about $11, ordered a vase from West Elm with free shipping for $9, found the letter "F" at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 and spray painted it pink (it was black), got some fake flowers at Hobby Lobby for around $2, and found the PERFECT nursery alphabet art on etsy for $20. We already had the frame but it was brown so my lovely husband spray painted it white and voila! I love this little area of the nursery! I am very pleased with how it turned out. So now we are only waiting on a few more things for the entire nursery to be finished. Something tells me that even when it is completely "finished" I'll still find some more things to add and create. :) Below are the two nurseries that inspired me from the beginning. I still don't know how to insert links so just forgive me and copy and paste if you want to see them. You will clearly see a LOT of my designs and ideas came from them. The shelf is the one that is the most copy catted! What can I say? I love a good idea when I see one!

For my photograph today I have no makeup on and I wanted Spanky to be in it since the others have gotten to be in one. You can tell that he is scared because he is standing on the gliding ottoman. I just thought it was funny. Maybe I'll have to go outside and find lizards and toads for the coming week's photos! Ha!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Elliott's Sleepover

Friday night Elliott stayed the night with us for the first time. We told her about it Wednesday I think and she looked forward to it and kept asking my mom if it was today yet. :) When I called Anna to see if Elle was ready for us to come get her, Anna said that Elliott kept asking where we were. Once we got her, she had her bags all packed and she was so excited! It was sad to say goodbye to Beckett because she didn't understand why she couldn't come too. Our first stop was Cici's so we could eat pizza and play the crane game. Let me just tell you, I don't recommend going to Cici's on a Friday night. It was packed! Which meant our crane game was crowded and everyone was winning all of our goodies! She had her little purse with her and had it packed with quarters and we played the game until we won a little pumpkin head man. She didn't understand why we had to leave and why we couldn't stay and win a goody for Mommy, Daddy and Beck too. (Last time we won 9 so winning 1 was quite a shock to her.) Once Unc reminded her that we needed to leave so we could get back home and build our tent she totally forgot about winning anything. She was so excited! First we had to stop by Home Depot because Elliott packed her hammer and wanted to build something while she was with us and Finley's room needed new fan blades so we decided that Unc and Elle could do that together. She LOVED Home Depot! They already have their Christmas stuff out so that was a huge plus and their baskets are pretty fun to ride in for a kid. After we got home was when the REAL fun began though. She and Unc put up the tent and changed the fan blades and then we made our smores and ate them in the tent. We laughed and laughed because we all spilled chocolate everywhere and Ellie's hair got stuck on her face because of her marshmallow mess and when I told her she was funny she said, "You can say that again!" It was such a great time! After that we played Hi Ho Cherry-Os and she won. We even let Spanky play with us. He got 2nd place in the first hand but he kept knocking all of his cherries off of his tree. Elliott thought the funniest thing was when Lyle wanted in the tent and would "scratch" at the side over and over again. After two smores each and several games, it was time for bed. And I mean real bed. Not in the tent. She got extremely hyper right before bed and wanted to dance and then she finally hit the pillow and was out like a light. In the middle of the night she woke up and said, "Chelsea? Don't leave me." which I thought was so sweet and then at 6am she rolled over and said, "Goodnight Chelsea." and kissed my shoulder. It melted my heart! She is just the sweetest natured little thing ever! When we woke up around 8:30 we went to the donut store and came back home and ate in our tent. I said, "Just let me know when you want to go home." And she said, "We have so much to do today! We have to eat donuts, make animals on the wall (puppets), and play the cherry game!" So she definitely wasn't ready to leave yet. Unc got out all of the old fan blades from Finley's fan and took her out to the porch so they could "build". They screwed all of the blades together to make a large piece of nothing, but to her it was something. After a few hours she was ready to go home which made me a little sad. But I kept hanging on her words from the night before. "This is the best campout ever!!!!" When I told her that her parents were on their way to get her she told me that I needed to take her home. I tried to tell her they'd be here in a minute and she said, "But Beckett's waiting on me." Which I thought was really sweet. Even though my feelings were hurt that she was ready to leave, she made me feel much better when she asked me Saturday night if she could spend the night again. It's no secret that I think my nieces hung the moon, and Elliott just totally confirmed it to me this past weekend. It was definitely a sleepover I'll never forget and it was indeed, the best campout ever.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

26 Weeks

We didn't do any nursery work this week other than change out the fan blades so there aren't any fun photos to post. :( I ordered some things for the nursery though that should be here within the next couple of weeks. I felt pretty good all week until Thursday evening and then all day Friday. Thursday I had some stomach aches and then Friday I felt like I had a huge gas bubble in my stomach that wouldn't go away. I could barely walk and felt like I needed to be doubled over when I did walk. I ended up having to leave work early and I came home and slept the rest of the day. I didn't even turn on the tv once! Or post on my facebook! That is when you KNOW I'm not feeling well! I called my doctor and asked what I could take and Hooper got me some medicine and by that evening I was much better. Which was good because we promised Elliott a sleepover at Chelsea and Unc's house! That is a whole different post altogether but let's just say that we lived a kid's dream for about 27 hours! But like I said, I'll post all about that later. Supposedly Finley is around 15 inches long from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet and weighs around 2 pounds. I really think I've gained like ten pounds since the last doctor visit. It sure feels that way at least. I need to purchase some more maternity clothes but that's a really hard thing to do. Buy clothes that you might not ever wear again. I mean, yes I want to have another baby, but who's to say that the seasons will be right with my clothing? I might have a summer baby and not ever need a maternity long sleeved shirt again. Catch my drift? It's just hard to fork over money for these clothes. However, Gap and Old Navy have some GREAT maternity clothes! I got Finley the cutest little skirt today from Gap and I can't wait to put her in it! Here is a photo. And below is a photo of me today with Lyle. I figured it was her turn since the two little dogs got to be in some. :)