26 Weeks

We didn't do any nursery work this week other than change out the fan blades so there aren't any fun photos to post. :( I ordered some things for the nursery though that should be here within the next couple of weeks. I felt pretty good all week until Thursday evening and then all day Friday. Thursday I had some stomach aches and then Friday I felt like I had a huge gas bubble in my stomach that wouldn't go away. I could barely walk and felt like I needed to be doubled over when I did walk. I ended up having to leave work early and I came home and slept the rest of the day. I didn't even turn on the tv once! Or post on my facebook! That is when you KNOW I'm not feeling well! I called my doctor and asked what I could take and Hooper got me some medicine and by that evening I was much better. Which was good because we promised Elliott a sleepover at Chelsea and Unc's house! That is a whole different post altogether but let's just say that we lived a kid's dream for about 27 hours! But like I said, I'll post all about that later. Supposedly Finley is around 15 inches long from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet and weighs around 2 pounds. I really think I've gained like ten pounds since the last doctor visit. It sure feels that way at least. I need to purchase some more maternity clothes but that's a really hard thing to do. Buy clothes that you might not ever wear again. I mean, yes I want to have another baby, but who's to say that the seasons will be right with my clothing? I might have a summer baby and not ever need a maternity long sleeved shirt again. Catch my drift? It's just hard to fork over money for these clothes. However, Gap and Old Navy have some GREAT maternity clothes! I got Finley the cutest little skirt today from Gap and I can't wait to put her in it! Here is a photo. And below is a photo of me today with Lyle. I figured it was her turn since the two little dogs got to be in some. :)


Lissa Michelle said…
love that skirt. you definitely look like you're third trimesterin' it! and that gas bubble thing used to happen to me allllllll the time and it would press up against my hernia and i seriously couldn't walk. it's horrible. so i totally feel your pain.

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