28 Weeks

I am feeling Finley a lot more often now. She is a busy body these days. The cool thing is that I can see her moving almost every time she moves. I wish everybody that I love could see these movements in person because it's so neat. Mom got to witness a big old ripple across my belly today. I have been trying to video the movements to show people but it's really hard to see it on the video as clearly as you can see it in person. But I have attached two videos where you can see a little bit of it. We didn't do anything nursery related this week because it's all out of our hands until we get these two projects returned from the outside sources. I can't remember if I mentioned in my last blog that I think my ph balance is out of whack being pregnant. I get body odor much quicker and I think I need to switch deodorant. That might be a little TMI but it's true. And after all, I write these blogs so that I can look back in my next pregnancy and see what to expect and when. And at this point, body odor is what to expect. :) It's not a disgusting onion type of b.o, but it's just not a nice fresh armpit smell that I'd prefer. Ha. Finley is apparently around 17 inches long now. That is outrageous to me! She's almost as long as she will be when she's full term. She still needs to put on the pounds though. She only weighs around 3 pounds right now. She's longer than Alice weighs more than her! That is NUTS! My indigestion has still been rough. I finally got my hair done this week and got rid of my awful roots! I went to Ft. Worth with my mom today so I didn't have time to get Sassy or Emmi for the photo so I had to use Alice again.


Lissa Michelle said…
your hair looks beautiful!

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