29 Weeks

Horrible indigestion. Bad gas pains. That's about the only negative thing going on pregnancy wise right now. The indigestion seems to be getting worse. And I have had such horrible gas pains that I've actually had to go home from work twice. We got the bedskirt and the pillows back from the lady that was making them and the bedskirt was too long. :( However, we decided that we are going to rig it a way that will work without having to hem it. In the photo below, the bright aqua color on the bed is the top of the bedskirt. It is NOT the sheet. Mom and I talked about the window valance today and we decided exactly what we want and hopefully we will get that done in the next month or so. Other than that, the nursery hasn't changed much. I took some photos of some of my favorites of Finley's clothes. There are also tons of leggings and shoes that I love that I didn't want to get out. My belly looks a little bigger in this photo than last week and I'm getting a little bit more uncomfortable. But only 11 more weeks to go! That is so crazy!


mackenzie said…
those all look like Chelsea clothes! lol she'll definitely be a mini-me of you.
Lissa Michelle said…
what a little fashionista she'll be!

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