32 weeks

I think I've crossed over into the land of uncomfortableness. It's getting more difficult for me to get up, to bend over, to do some every day things that I took for granted. My knees are starting to feel like they could give out. Two weeks ago my knee did go out and I fell in my hallway. It was scary, but I landed ever so gracefully on my bottom and not my tummy. :) Sunday morning I had the worst leg cramp of my life that lasted on and off for over 15 minutes. It hurt so bad that I was trembling and there was nothing I could do to make the paint go away. I would physically pull my foot and toes up towards me with both hands and my foot resisted against the pull and came out the champion in the battle every time. It was crazy and I kept thinking to myself, "this has to be worse than childbirth." I'll let you know after Finley gets here which was worse! :) This past weekend was my baby shower thrown by my best friends and it was incredible! They truly outdid themselves with this one. It was so elegant and cute and had such a great theme - Pickles and Ice Cream! Two of my favorite things! Anna took lots of photos and then that very night made a photo montage that made me cry! (I have included the montage at the very bottom of this post.) I attached some photographs from the shower to show you how creative my friends are if you aren't going to watch the montage. Also, my mom's very dear friend Terre made Finley a quilt out of the fabrics that are in her room and it is GORGEOUS! We got lots and lots of great necessities and some great fun things also! I just can't wait to put all of this stuff to use and for her to be here!


mackenzie said…
I'm sad I'm not in any of those pictures and couldn't be there. i should've had a cardboard cut out of myself made and shipped it down there! I'm glad you had an awesome shower :)
can't wait to see you at Christmas time!!
i hope there are no more cramps in your leg! no more falling down either!
Lissa Michelle said…
totally wish we would have thought of a "flat mackenzie" lol lol that would have been fun!!! love the pictures. loved the shower. love finley.

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