33 and 34 Weeks

The past two weeks I have felt Finley more and more. She seems to be more active and running out of space to be active! Wednesday night we were in Elkhart at Hooper's dad's house and all of the sudden I started feeling really sick. My stomach felt so sour and Finley was moving all around to top it off. I finally ended up vomiting A LOT and I felt much better afterward. It was really weird though. It all came on so fast and then left so fast. I very rarely in life ever vomit and I have had about 4 different vomiting spells since being pregnant and none of the episodes had anything to do with morning sickness or pregnancy nausea. It's almost like my body is so protective over Finley that if ANYTHING bad enters, my body rejects it very quickly. Although not fun, I think it's kind of neat how that works. Thanksgiving was awesome in Elkhart and we had a great visit with Hooper's family. We took Alice and Lefty with us and they had a blast with Hooper's dad's dogs. They did not, however, have a blast while I was sick. Alice ran out of our room and crawled in bed with Hoop's dad and Cathy! It was funny. She didn't like all the commotion going on while she was trying to get her beauty sleep. It's exciting to know that next year we will have Finley with us when have our Thanksgiving celebration! I can't believe that her due date is only 6 weeks away. We don't have our bag packed yet, but we can work on that this week. Anna and I have been staying super busy with photography sessions so that everyone can get their family pictures done in time for Christmas cards. Today we had 4 sessions, yesterday we had 2 sessions, and tomorrow we have 1 session. It's a lot of fun but it's really hard for me to get up and down off the ground now so I feel like Anna is having to pull all the weight. Today we did a double maternity session for Maggie and Amanda and I kept thinking how funny it looked to passers by that two pregnant ladies were taking photographs of two pregnant ladies. :) I am starting to feel more swollen in my feet and ankles and hands and even sometimes my face. My wedding band and engagement ring still fit but there are days that it's definitely a tight squeeze! I took off my socks today and there was a definite change in the size of my calves from where the socks were and where they weren't! Anyway, this blog was really a lot of rambling, but I hate that I am slacking and having to blog two week's worth these days! Hopefully I'll get better!

33 Weeks

34 weeks


mackenzie said…
can't believe it's almost time!!! it seems like it's all gone by so fast!! but that's probably because i'm far away. glad yall had a happy thanksgiving!

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