Yesterday we had an appointment with the doctor and it was the first of my weekly appointments. We felt like it was a really good appointment because we got a lot of questions answered. (Probably because Hooper came with me and I wasn't just shy and silent the whole time by myself.) This is also the point when she starts "checking" me. So far I am not dilated but I am 50% effaced. When she checked me she said, "Whoa, she's really low" which surprised me a little. I mean, I know I feel her on my bladder but I was thinking she was still pretty high up. I also asked her if she could tell if she was head down and she said yes, she's head down. That surprised me too. I've been thinking I've been feeling her head but I guess it's been her bottom for the past couple of weeks. (Don't tell Finley I confused the two.) I'm glad that she's low and head down because that means she's just in position to make her grand entrance. Or exit I suppose. Toward the end of the appointment I asked her about how big she thinks that she is right now. She guessed that she's about 6 1/2 pounds. At that point I reminded her that my brother was 11 pounds and they took me two weeks early because I was so big and I still weighed 9 1/2 pounds. Hooper weighed 5 pounds but he was 6 weeks premature. She was a little bit shocked at all of the big baby news and she said we need to do a sonogram at the next visit and check how big she is. She had previously told us that she would not induce any earlier than one week unless there were medical reasons to do so. After talking about the big baby syndrome, she did say that if Finley is big then that is a reason to induce earlier. (We are really hoping to have her before 2011 for multiple reasons. 1. Dr. Deem will be out of town January 1-3 and that is just scary to me. 2. Blue Cross Blue Shield and Harris are having some disagreements right now and the two might not work together after December 31. 3. Tax cut. and 4. The sooner the better! We can't wait to meet her!) So I am really happy that we discussed the big baby scenario with her because this way we get to have a sonogram that we probably wouldn't have gotten to have otherwise. I can't wait to see her on the screen again! I just need to fatten her up in the next week so that she's considered big and she can come early! :)


Lissa Michelle said…
it seems like the fatter i got, the fatter the babies got, so go fatten up! come on, finely! everyone is ready. bring it.
mackenzie said…
I sure hope she comes next week while i'm there!! that would be awesome or sometime while i'm in tx at least!

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