2 Weeks Old

Today Finley is two weeks old! I can't believe it! I meant to write a blog last Wednesday when she was one week old but I was just so tired. I did, however, take a photo of her. So what all has happened in two weeks? Well, Finley has grown half an inch and gained 6 ounces. That is good news because she had her two week checkup today and one of the main points of this checkup is to make sure she is back up to her birth weight (8 lbs 1 oz). At Finley's first appointment which was last Monday she weighed 7 lbs 15 oz which is totally normal because they expect them to lose up to 10% of their weight in that first week. One thing that we were concerned about was that at her first appointment her doctor noticed that her hips clicked. She said that she'd recheck them today and if they were still doing it, she'd have to have an ultrasound on them. So I was extremely nervous for today. I even had to call in reinforcements to go to the appointment with me since Hooper couldn't take off work again. Mom and Elliott went with me and luckily the doctor did not notice the clicking like last time. She said that last time it was clicking every time she rotated her legs back but this time she had to really hunt for it. Since it's not totally gone, she will recheck her again in two weeks. Things have been going well around here but I wont lie, it's lonesome and sometimes hard with Hooper at work. We are on a feeding schedule that was recommended by her doctor of every 2 hours during the day starting at 8am and then at night we go as long between feedings as Finley will allow. It gets very hard to have such a demanding schedule like that. Not to mention it is very painful for me. :( Oh, at Finley's doctor's appointment they said that she is in the 50th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for head, and 90th percentile for her length. Her bellybutton still hasn't fallen off and that usually happens around 10-14 days from what I read. Dr. Watts says that she has a very thick stump and it will take longer for hers to dry out. Hooper put together the swing and the bouncy seat this week and today Finley took a nap in the swing while I napped on the couch and it was very nice. Yesterday and the day before she and I both stayed in my bedroom all. day. long. I never even turned on my tv. Every time she slept, I tried to sleep, and otherwise I played on my computer and she played in my bed with me. It was nice to venture out of the house today and then out to the living room when we were home. Ha. Anyway, these first two weeks have been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster and I look forward to the "baby blues" leaving my system in the next couple of weeks. A lot of people don't really warn you about the emotions that you feel after you give birth. Mainly it's about loneliness for me because my ENTIRE family has been sick and hasn't been able to come over and see us. Mom is finally feeling much better and has been able to come over a few nights this week which makes me feel much better. I know that I'd feel so much better and happier if I wasn't alone all day long. Not to mention lacking sleep. Don't let all of this negative talk fool you though, I have been having a good time with this sweet little baby girl. She is so adorable and I know that I need to appreciate these moments when it's just the two of us because I will never get these 6 weeks back again. Hopefully by the time I blog next week I can say I've kicked the baby blues and that everyone in my family is better and we've been having lots of family time. Here are the two pictures from this week and last week and then some others I took with my phone recently.

1 week old

2 weeks old


the walton's said…
soooo sweet!! hopefully the baby blues will be gone soon!! she is so precious!
mackenzie said…
she's the sweetest girl ever! shoo away baby blues!
Lissa Michelle said…
I think the emotions are different for everyone. For some, they don't come until months later. They'll be gone soon...hang in there. Love you! She is beautiful!
Keri Fleming said…
Love reading about your new little adventure in life! She is so adorable! I hope those baby blues are gone ASAP! lots of love!

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