40 Weeks

Well it looks like this will be the final post before Finley's arrival. I can't believe I made it beyond 40 weeks. I surely thought since my nieces came early and since all of my girlfriends were induced early if theirs didn't come early, that she'd have made her grand entrance by now. But here I sit 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. One of my iphone apps tells me what food size Finley is on the different weeks and for the past several week she's been a watermelon. I thought that was as big as it would ever get on the app, but today I glanced at it and it said "You are past your due date" (Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot.) and that she is now the size of a pumpkin. The good news is that she is where she wants to be no doubt. She isn't making an effort at all to come join us, and with this cold weather, I don't blame her. When I first got pregnant and realized what my due date would be, my first instinct was to wish for her to be born as far away from Christmas as possible for her sake. After we realized things about tax credits and insurance, we started wishing for her arrival to be before 2011. (Selfish? Maybe so.) But now I am happy that we are technically over the Christmas time frame. Although some people still have their decorations still out. Speaking of, some people still have PUMPKINS OUT! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!? At my appointment last Thursday, when she went to "check me", she said she was going to strip my membranes which is a way of inducing labor a little bit more naturally. But when she was "checking me" she said, "But you'll have to be at a one for that.... annnnnnd, you aren't at a one yet. I am so sorry Chelsea." She was really sad for me I think. The great news that came out of the that appointment though was that we set up an induction date. She called me later on in the afternoon after checking with labor and delivery's schedule to let me know that there was space for us to come in Wednesday night at 5pm and check in. We will then eat dinner, watch tv, play on our laptops, and they will give me some medication. If I'd like, they will even give me sleep meds to help with my anticipation of the next morning. When we wake up, we'll shower, eat a light breakfast and they will start the induction process. So basically, Finley will be here by the end of Thursday. At this point I'm pretty sure that that will be the day. I don't foresee her coming out any earlier on her own. Although I have wished for the dramatic "My water just broke!!" moment, I don't think that is in my future. I also think that she is a bigger baby than what the doctor is thinking. I am very curious to know her stats, but even more curious to see what she looks like and to hold her. It's a strange feeling to grow something in your belly for 40 weeks without ever really meeting her until she is meeting everyone else. I am very anxious at this point. I'm not sleeping well, but I'm still for the most part pretty comfortable. I still feel like I could walk around the mall and lift my nieces and comfortably fit into a booth at a restaurant. I have seen pregnant ladies who look absolutely miserable before and I just don't think I'm there yet. The curiosity and the not knowing and the anxiety of the pain is probably my biggest issue I have going on right now. But I know that is only normal. It's weird to wrap this blog up and to know I'll never be posting another pregnancy blog about Finley again. But it's also a relief. :)


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