3 Weeks

3 week pictures

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks. When I hold Finley and look at her sweet little eyes it feels like just yesterday when they handed her to me for the first time. But then when I think about breastfeeding and all of the pain I've been enduring, it feels like it's been months! Things have gone well the past week. We have been on a very strict eating schedule of every 2 hours during the day and it has helped tremendously with her sleeping at night. She has been going 5 hours between feedings and then 4 hours between feedings which ends up giving me about 7 hours of sleep during the night. Then during the day time we usually sneak in an hour and a half nap at some point. This week it has been icy outside and for the first time that I can ever recall, Granbury schools have been closed for 3 days. I don't EVER remember that happening when I was a kid. The bad news about that is that they will have to make up the days later on in the year. But the good news about it is that Hooper has been able to be home with me the past 3 days! It has been so awesome! It's very selfish of me to have been hoping for snow days, but I can't help it. Life is so much easier and pleasant when my husband is with me. So far, the baby blues haven't made anymore appearances. I'm really glad because I was really praying that it wouldn't turn into Postpartum Depression. Thank Heavens that I feel back to normal now. In fact, my family that has been sick for the past 3 weeks is finally on the mend! Elliott and Beckett are better, Mom is better, Anna is better, Eddie is better, Dad is better, which I believe made me better! Last night we were finally able to all eat as a family and visit and pass Finley around. She was so good at dinner too. She just stared at Anna and slept on Mom and "judged" Eddie as he says. (With her scowl she is known for.) She was sweet with Dad too but then started getting fussy when it was time for her to eat. I was nursing her in the formal living room while rocking the Hooter Hider and Elliott and Beckett came up to me and asked what I was doing. Needless to say, I gave Elliott an entire lesson on feeding Finley. I tried to get away with just telling her I was feeding her, but Elliott came back up to me after accepting that explanation for a moment and said, "Are you just teasing us?" So then I had to go a little further into detail and tell her that she was drinking milk from my boobie. Elliott quickly informed me that she is not allowed to say that word. (Sorry Anna and Eddie.) So then I said, "Well she is eating milk from my chest. And you're allowed to say that word." She was so curious so I let her peek under the Hooter Hider and she was just blown away. She then asked me who "poured the milk in there" to which I replied, "God did. He does that for mommies when they have little bitty babies." She was so intrigued by the entire process, and I can't say I blame her. It is pretty strange. After I was done feeding Finley, I told Elliott to tell the family how Finley was eating. She said, "She drinks milk from Chelsea's chest. Jesus put it there." :) I figured it wouldn't hurt to give her this life lesson because she will be having a baby sister in less than 5 weeks. I can't wait! Anna and Eddie will be having their 3rd little girl on either March 7th or sooner. Anna is scheduled for a C-Section on the 7th, but her other two girls both came early so we shall see! Oh, Finley's bellybutton finally came off last Thursday. Dr. Watts had put some silver nitrate on it to really dry it up and it finally fell out of her onesie as I was about to change her last week. The good news about that was that that meant we could finally give her a bath in her bathtub instead of a sponge bath. There is still some black/red on her bellybutton but it's getting more and more clear with every bath now. She LOVES bath time by the way. It completely calms her down and puts her in such a serene state of mind right before bed. I think we'll be giving her lots of night time baths in the future! Saturday we took our first real family outing. We went to Babies R Us and Saltgrass in Ft. Worth. She did really well the entire time. Just slept the whole time really. Her cute outfit with her cardigan was that day. :) Here are some pictures from the past week.


Lissa Michelle said…
happy 3 weeks, finley! her hair is growing out and getting all fuzzy and cute! LOL about elle. that is hilarious. baylor and larin still lift their shirts to feed their baby dolls. oh the curious minds! :)
You have a beautiful little girl. Great post.

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