13 and 14 Weeks

13 weeks

Let me start off by saying that I don't always have my baby in a plain white onesie. I realize that a lot of her pictures are taken in plain white onesies and that is because she sleeps in them frequently. With her harness, she can't wear pajamas because the pants don't work with the leg stirrups, so it has to be a onesie pretty much. And I tend to remember that it's picture/blog day late in the evenings. Which is also why I don't blog sometimes. :( I was talking to my friend Maggie the other day via text and she and I both agree that this age is by far the best so far. (Her little boy is one week older than Fin.) By the way, you can follow her blog here. Hey hey! Look at me! I finally figured out to insert a link! :) Anyway, this age is so great because Finley is so happy all the time! She just smiles and smiles at anyone who will talk to her. She is reaching for toys and loving dangling things. She always wakes up in the best mood, and this morning she was so hungry (she slept all night without waking to eat) but she was still happy so she was smiling and crying at the same time. She just couldn't decide which emotion she felt strongest. Speaking of sleeping, she has been doing so good at night. We have no complaints regarding her sleeping habits. She goes down every night about 10:15 and we wake her up at 6:30. Occasionally she will sleep all night without waking at all, and other nights she usually wakes up once around 3 for a feeding. I think I mentioned it in the last blog, but I'll say it again. I prefer for her to wake once in the night so that my chest doesn't feel as though it might explode, and so that I don't worry about my milk supply dwindling away. Sorry if that is too much information, but I am a too much information kind of girl. Anna went back to work Monday which means that my mom now has all four girls during the day! Yesterday was her first full day with them and she had 11 bottle feedings and 9 poopie diapers to change! On Monday, I actually had all four girls by myself and nobody pooped except for Elliott, who is potty trained, and I only had to feed the babies twice each during the time I had them. Not much has changed really since the last post except that Finley is getting stronger and she has definitely been reaching for and appreciating her toys a lot more. It is now past my bed time so I must end this abruptly. I hope to post another blog next week, but I can't make any promises. :)

14 weeks


mackenzie said…
sweet Finley girl.. her legs look so long in the picture! she is growing up so fast!!

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