Weeks 29-48

Oh my lanta! It's been way too long since I've updated. Finley is almost a year old! And it's almost her first Christmas! Sheesh, if Blogger made uploading photos a lot friendlier I think I would keep this up to date a little better. Luckily, only a little while longer for these weekly photo posts. Once she's a year old, I won't be taking her picture every week. Although that would make a really cool computerized transformation thing when she's older. So where do I even begin on what's been going on?? She is walking, babbling, she has one tooth, and she's just the sweetest little thing. She LOVES her stuffed animals. When I was little, I loved my stuffed animals because I would imagine that they were real animals. I preferred them over dolls. But she's too young to imagine that, so I'm not sure what she thinks exactly, but I know that she loves them. There's no denying that. She sleeps with a little teddy bear under her arm every night. Right now, as I type, she has stuffed bunny in her hand as she's walking around in her penned in area. She got her tear duct unclogged finally last month. It was very traumatic for me to watch, but it was over in no time and her eye has been awesome ever since. Before she had it unclogged it was goopy every single day. It was awful in the mornings and after naps, and she hated for us to clean it. I'm very happy that we had it taken care of instead of waiting any longer. In fact, if we would have waited a few more weeks, we wouldn't have been able to have it taken care of in office. It would have been a surgery. So, thankfully we did that when we did. Finley got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease from the church nursery and it was awful. She had a 102 fever and was so cranky and clingy. Hooper called the nurse on call to see what we should do. The conversation went like this:
Her: "What is her temperature?"
Him: "102."
Her: "How are you taking it?"
Him: "Well I'm a little scared. But I think I'm taking it pretty well."
Her: "No. How are you taking her temperature?"
Him: "Oh. Rectally. There's one you can tell your friends later."
:) We took her to the doctor and she told us that she had little sores all in her mouth. Bennett (our niece) had what we thought was hand food and mouth, but her appointment was after Finley's. Benny had little spots on her feet, hands and her face. We didn't really think Fin had it because we didn't see any spots. Turned out that most of hers were in her poor little mouth. Over the next several days she had spots pop up on her feet, legs and hands as well. And Hooper got it, too. It's extremely rare for adults to get it, but leave it to Hooper. It was good to finally get over that whole ordeal.
Once Fin turned 9 months old we started feeding her pretty much any and everything that we eat. (With the exception of peanuts, eggs, and a few other things she can't have yet.) She LOVES pizza. She eats an entire slice of a medium pizza from Dominoes. I'm sure she'd eat more if I would let her. (But that'd be one less slice I'd get. ;)) She can eat the little baby food pouches that they feed themselves. That is a great thing! It makes on-the-go feeding so much easier. We finally moved up to a convertible car seat. She tolerates it okay. We had our local car seat safety officer come to my work to inspect if it was put in properly, which it was not. Thankfully Hooper thought to call him. We are really hoping that Fin gets a DVD player for Christmas this year, because we think that road trips to Elkhart and Seguin will be so much easier if she can watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Little Einsteins. Those are her favorite shows at the moment. We are currently planning her first birthday party and I'm really excited! Anna is helping out a TON with the planning and she's even letting us have the party at her house. I definitely couldn't do it without her! I promise to post a birthday blog! Meanwhile, I have a TON of photos to upload to complete this blog so I better get to uploading. Hopefully I'll blog again soon.


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