20 weeks and 5 days

Oh man I've been so terrible about blogging. A lot has changed since my last post. We had our big sonogram. You know, the one where they tell you how the baby measures, if the organs all look up to par, and whether you're having a boy or a girl. And... we stuck to our plan and did NOT find out. The baby measures right on track and everything looks normal. We ate at Olive Garden right before the appointment, and I think the ultrasound tech was frustrated that Fisher was moving around so much. At the end of the sonogram, I asked her if she saw what it is and she said yes. She said she wasn't going to write it in my chart, so there will be no chance of a slip up. :) Then she said that she would go home that night and sleep and forget all about it the next day. So... there we go. There's no turning back now unless we go pay to have a sonogram done somewhere, and that isn't happening.
I definitely look pregnant now with no mistaking it, and I feel Fisher all the time. The very first time I felt him/her was the night after Thanksgiving, and I wasn't sure if it was Fisher, or just all of the food I had eaten. :) Turns out it was Fisher, alright. And he/she hasn't slowed down since. I would say I have steadily felt movements all throughout each day since week 18, with a few movements here and there before that. I finally figured out how I want to do the nursery, so that is a HUGE step for me. I have been so stumped on the nursery because I want to make sure that it isn't too girly if this is a boy. I'm not really that worried about it being too masculine if it's a girl, because there are always girly touches I can throw in after Fisher is born to girlify it a little bit. But once you go too girly, you can't really throw in masculine touches to make it boyish again. My plan is to celebrate Christmas , then focus on Finley's 2nd birthday party, and then start the nursery and Fin's big girl room. One. Thing. At. A. Time. I have to keep telling myself that or else my mind races all night long. Two nights ago I had really bad indigestion for the first time in this pregnancy, and it hasn't stopped. I was REALLY hoping that I'd skip that part this time. With Finley, I had it badly in the first trimester, and then so bad in the third trimester that I'd wake up choking and think I was going to die. So yes, I was REALLY hoping that I'd skip this part this time. My What to Expect book  reminded me that something I had forgotten to dread could start happening at any given time also. LEG CRAMPS! I forgot how dreadful the pregnancy leg cramps can be, and I am absolutely dreading them. I remember my friend, Lissa, telling me when I was pregnant with Fin that the pregnancy leg cramps were pretty much equal to labor contractions, but in your legs. One time I had one so bad that lasted for what felt like an hour but was probably more like 5 minutes. It was the worst pain I had ever felt (up to that point) in my life. I'd rather deal with indigestion than those any day. I've started to feel my stomach harden and get a little painful after I eat lately. Almost like there isn't enough room for that much food and a baby in that space. But it goes away about an hour after I eat. Oh! Other big news! Hooper felt the baby last week. He/she was really moving a lot while we were laying down to go to sleep and I had Hooper feel and sure enough, Fisher jabbed him probably 8 times or so. That's always a fun moment for a proud daddy. :) His face lit up with excitement. I'd like to end this post with confidence that I'll write again next week, but let's be honest, I'm failing in the blogging department with this pregnancy. So, I'll blog again when I blog again.

Fisher, if you're reading this someday, I'm sorry I wasn't very good about keeping this up to date.


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