Fisher's 1st Birthday

The past twelve months have been some of the fastest of my life. It truly does feel like it was yesterday when I had my c-section and heard Hooper say the words, "It's a boy!" (Click here to read his birth story.) It has been absolutely amazing being the mama to a little baby boy. He is just so so so incredibly sweet. I was reading back on Finley's first birthday blog post and I'm so glad that I wrote about what all she was doing at that age. Fisher isn't quite where she was, but I think she was way ahead of the game. He isn't walking yet, but he's closer and closer every day. He gives kisses, he waves and says "hi" (especially to the baby in the mirror), he waves and says "bye bye", he now says "nana" for banana, he says "dada" and "mama". Thankfully he's a really great sleeper. He loves bath time, he does great for car rides, he eats A LOT, and he loves to play outside. He's got the two middle bottom teeth and the two top teeth will peek through any time now. During the weekdays while he's at my mom's, his second nap of the day is a Gigi lap nap. He usually needs his nap at the same time that Finley and Bennett are taking their nap in the back room. So mom just tells him to shhhh and he puts his head on her and falls right to sleep. He's just such a cuddle bug. For his first birthday party, I didn't want to go overboard, but I definitely wanted to celebrate with friends and family. We decided to just do the party in our backyard and have snacks and a jumpy house. It really worked out perfectly. The weather was decent, the jump house kept the majority of the kids occupied, the adults were all able to visit, and the swing set and extreme coaster kept the kids busy that didn't want to jump in the jumpy house. I wish that I would've taken a photo of the entire backyard, but I forgot. We had 36 inch balloons and a dozen regular balloons tied all around the yard. Those 36 inch balloons are something! I had to put all of the backseats in the van down to get them home. They are also SUPER expensive to have filled! I won't be ordering any of those again unless I have another child. In that case I'll need to order one red balloon to follow the tradition of the first year picture that I've done with Finley and Fisher. For the party I ordered some cookies from a friend of mine and Anna's as the party favors. They turned out so cute! I also ordered his smash cake and a sheet cake for the guests from a friend that I work with. They turned out EXACTLY how I wanted, and they were soooo delicious! It really was a perfect birthday party day, and Fisher seemed to have a great time. ESPECIALLY when he got his cake. :) (Warning: Photo overload ahead!) 

(The Bennett panty pic is priceless to me!) 


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