38 Weeks (Tomorrow)

Well, we are in the home stretch. Next Thursday I'm scheduled for a C-Section. I'm sure this week and next week will fly by pretty quickly. I had an appointment last Thursday, and left pretty surprised. At this point in my pregnancy with Finley, her sonogram measurements indicated that she weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz (at 38 weeks). With Fisher, his measurements indicated at 37 weeks that he weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz. And at that point with him, they acted like that was huge. Well at the 37 week sonogram with Fielder, his measurements indicate that he weighs 8 lbs, 10 oz. Yowzah. He is head down and in the negative 1 position and I'm 80% effaced. I never felt like either of my other two would come early, but I'm beginning to wonder if Fielder will make his debut earlier than December 17th. Keep in mind, I'm not due until December 23rd. No telling how big he'd be if I wasn't scheduled. When they measured his head, the screen popped up with 39 weeks, 6 days. Then they measured his belly and it said the same thing. His arm and leg measured 39 weeks. Hooper went with me to the sonogram, and as soon as we saw the little guy's face, we both said, "He looks like Fisher." I know you can't really get a good idea of what they look like, but he certainly looks like Fisher's sonogram. What do you think? Fisher is on the left and Fielder is on the right.
He was so cute with his little mouth and he was rubbing his left eye with his hand the whole time. Watching him wiggle around in there made me really want to hold him. I can't wait! 
Here is what I currently look like. I really didn't think I was that much bigger with Fielder, but when I did the side by side comparison.. yikes! 

I'm not getting much sleep at night. Usually I'll go to sleep around 9:00 and I'll get a stretch until about 12. Then it's about every 2 hours from there. And when I wake up, I feel wide awake. I have to try hard to refrain from playing poker on my phone. My ankles are horribly swollen at the end of the day, and my feet hurt pretty bad on my days off when I hang around the house barefoot. Speaking of which, Hooper sent me "just because" flowers to work last week, then the next day he gave me a foot rub, and the next day he brought me Starbucks, and the next day brought home an orchid for me! He's been really spoiling me lately. I think he knows that I'm getting uncomfortable, sleep doesn't come easy, and he's had a lot of shows lately, which means I'm on my own for baths, dinners, and bed times for the kids on those nights. He's got one last show Friday for the year, and I'm excited to have him home for a few weeks after the baby comes. (He'll be home for Christmas break for two weeks!) I'm hoping that the adjustment from 2 to 3 kids goes smoothly. I especially hope it goes smooth for Finley and Fisher. I'm worried about Fisher because he is still very much my baby. Here's hoping for smooth sailing all the way around! I just really can't wait to meet him. Oh, and I'll post a full nursery blog post sometime soon. It's 99% done. 


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