Dress Shopping

This past weekend some of my bridesmaids/best friends and my mom drove up to Dallas to look at wedding dresses. I can't put into words how excited I was for this trip. I have looked online at tons and tons and tons of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and flower girl dresses. Heck, I've ever looked at tons of men's suits! Anyway, I had my favorite style numbers written down, so when we got there, all I had to do was hand them over, and the consultant (who was a doll by the way) went and grabbed every single dress I might want. Unfortunately, the dresses that they keep in store are not my size. I had to put on these beautiful gowns, but have these jumper cable looking things clamped on the back of the dress and onto my bustier. (It didn't really build up my self esteem.) Well the one dress that was my favorite online, wasn't my favorite on me. It ended up being my 3rd favorite. There were several that looked stunning on the models, but hideous on me. And then there were two that I adored. Both are similar, but very different from each other. One of them is what I have always pictured myself to get married in, while the other pulled in my fat, was more comfortable, and was also the crowd favorite. I love both of the dresses so much, but I can't figure out which one I love more. One day I'll go through the pictures and decide I like the first one better, then the next day I'll decide I like the other. I have an appointment to go dress shopping this weekend with some of my girls also, so maybe there will be a dress that will just absolutely blow the other two out of the water! Although, that would be a VERY hard thing to do. This whole dress shopping process is such a fun thing to experience. Perhaps my subconscious knows that one of those two dresses is THE ONE, but the rest of me wants to enjoy this experience a little longer. Either way, I know that I will be so happy with the one that I do end up choosing, whether it ends up being one of those two, or one I've never even seen online before. I got to see the bridesmaid dress that I chose in person too. It is so cute in pictures, but even cuter on MY girls! I'm really excited about all things dresses right now! I will keep you posted on how this weekend's adventures go!


Shirley said…
Interesting.!! Thanks for sharing your dress shopping experiences. Good luck for your shopping.
kris roe said…
It was an experience I will never forget! And I dont mean just the price tags! I thought the girls looked beautiful in their dresses! ANd I also loved the dresses on you! I think you couldve held a white sheet up under your arm pits though, and I wouldve thought you were beautiful! I love you.
Yea for dress shopping! Enjoy every second of your wedding planning...you only get to do it once :) I know whatever dress you pick will look gorgeous on you.
Lissa Oliver said…
LOL LOL at your mom's price tag comment! I wish I could have been there! You will find your favorite! I'm excited to go today!

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