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See Ya, 2019

Another year has come to an end, and a new one begins. 2019 proved to be very interesting for me. There were some big highs and even bigger lows. One of my best friends lost her father, and another one of my best friends lost her mother. This brings upon a reality that I'm not ready to face yet - that it could happen to me. Sure, it's a given that we will all die, and that a parent shouldn't outlive their children, so in my parents' wishes, they WILL die before me. But it is still not an easy fate to face. The death of my friends' parents has caused a lot of reflection and appreciation from me. Not to mention, loss of words, awkwardness, but endless offerings of hugs from me to my friends. I don't know how to react in certain situations, and for a girl of many words, who is often shushed, I tend to be very silent, or say the wrong things in times of tragedy. One thing that I told them, when I did find some words, was through thick and thin, we'll be togeth…

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