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Hemihypertrophy Update

Fisher had his three month ultrasound a few weeks ago, and when I posted a photograph of him on Instagram, I clicked on the hashtag #hemihypertrophy. When we were first told about hemihypertrophy when he was nine months old, there was NOTHING to find on the internet other than scary information. I started using the hashtag, and there was only one other person who was using it at the time. She was a teenager, and she was inspirational. Fast forward to now, and there are thousands of posts using it, which is great. I have had no less than 15 mothers reach out to me from all over the world to ask me questions about Fisher. Several through broken English. They're terrified. Their doctors don't know much about it. And they're trying to find anybody else in their situation who can help them understand what in the world it all means. I love it when they reach out to me, because I was once in their shoes. I was scared and confused and everything I read was negative. I actually pos…

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