Well I'm a newbie to Blogspot, but not to the actual act of blogging. I used to blog a lot on myspace, but when I got a job writing a column for my local newspaper, I put the blogs on the back burner to focus on my column. Keeping blogs and columns seperate is a difficult thing to do. I finally decided to give this a try again, and I'm sure the two will intertwine at times, but truth be told, I've missed this. I like the art of typing whatever you want to for your friends and not having to censor yourself. I rarely censor myself for the paper, but come on, I can't use curse words for those viewers as I can with you all. Not that I have any intentions of cussing, but what if I have a bad day? You all wont judge me, right? Blogging is more of a theraputic way to relieve stress, yet (hopefully) entertain others with what you have to say. I don't really have anything to blog about at the moment, other than blogging itself, so this wont be the most entertaining. Mostly, I'm excited to finish this blog, so I can continue on to the next page to finish setting this all up. Ah to hell with it, (see, I couldn't say that in the paper) I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up since it's pretty pointless anyway. Just take this blog as an introduction to many more blogs. Hopefully the others will have more humor, depth, and point than this one here. I'm looking forward to this!


Lissa Michelle said…
I'm the first to "follow" your blog! Yea! I am so glad you have another place to blog other than myspace, fb, and hcnews. Although, I would read your stuff wherever it was posted! :) I love you and am looking forwarded to reading your non-censored and highly entertaining blogs
chelsea said…
And I keep a journal! This is going to get confusing! ha!
Anonymous said…
Be sure to tell them all how good a fiancee i am.

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