I took a very long break from the blogging world and during that break I got married. I feel that since there was such a big gap there, I need to update about the wedding. I know it was over four months ago, but I will never get tired of talking about it. :)
The day was October 24th. I woke up that morning at Anna and Eddie's house in the bed with Anna and Elliott. (The three of us had a slumber party since I couldn't stay at home with Hooper.) Elliott was in such a good mood and she said in the sweetest little voice, "Good mornin'!" It was such a great way to start the amazing day. I hurriedly showered and headed up to the DeCordova country club to get last minute things in order and get my hair and makeup done. The day was spent with my best girlfriends as we ate sandwiches (thanks Brenda!) and laughed and all remained shocked that I wasn't having panic attacks at all. I am so blessed to have the best girlfriends that anyone could ever wish for and so lucky that they chose to stand by me on the most important day of my life. They are the ones that kept me calm and the reason why the panic attacks never came. Before I knew it, it was go time. The weather and the ceremony were perfect. (With the exception of a little excess wind.) Hooper looked very handsome and his groomsmen were truly dashing. (I don't use the word dashing in my every day vocab, but that is indeed what they were.) After the ceremony we took lots of fantastic photographs thanks to www.laurenclarkphoto.com and then we went inside to begin the evening festivities of dancing, eating, laughing, dancing, making flip books, dancing, and sweating. It was THE most fun night. We will forever be indebted to our amazing parents for everything that they did to make the day and evening the best. They went through more stress so that we wouldn't have to and it all turned out perfect. After the wedding we took a limo to the Hyatt at the DFW airport. From there we flew to the Bahamas and stayed at the Sandals Resort. We had THE BEST HONEYMOON EVER. Here are some of the favorites from the photographs.


Lissa Michelle said…
Great recap of such a special night for you guys! Love the photos, too! The last one is my favorite!

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