11 weeks and 2 days

Sunday I officially crossed over into the 11 week mark. Really meaning that I am going on 12 weeks and have completed 11 weeks. It's so strange how this time flies by, but then it seems like it was a long time ago that we took that test. So far I'm still wearing my jeans. I got a pair of maternity jeans from Gap that I am so excited to wear because they are so stinkin' cute, but I'll enjoy these jeans while I can. I read online that if you are taller, it could take longer to show. I also read that if you're pudgier, it can take longer. So looks like I'll be hanging out in my regular clothes for a bit longer. I wear some maternity shirts sometimes because they are adorable and they just feel better. I mean, let's be honest here, just because I don't look pregnant doesn't mean I haven't gotten bigger everywhere else. I can't help that I'm hungry all the time. I realize that I'm not technically eating for two when this baby is only the "size of a large plum" as of now, but it sure does make me hungry. Speaking of being hungry, I've been eating lots of Spaghettios and then wouldn't you know it, they got recalled. Lucky for me (and the baby) Hooper got me the ones without meatballs and the ones WITH meatballs are the ones that were recalled. So *sigh. I'm really anxious for this week to fly by so that I can officially be 12 weeks and in the "safe zone". I know that things can still go wrong after week 12, but it's just a thing women look forward to. Pregnancy symptoms I've been having so far are pretty much just major indigestion and some bathroom issues that I won't get into on a public internet site. Oh yeah, and I want to eat all day long. Other than that, no morning sickness and no nausea. Things I've been craving lately are Tuna fish (and yes, my doctor said I can eat one portion of tuna week and you better believe I keep up and meet my quota every week), ice cream, cereal, a bloody mary (which I have not acted on and will not so don't you worry), pineapples, grapes, and nutrigrain bars. Last Tuesday we went to the doctor and the nurse got out the doppler thingamabob and attempted to listen to the heartbeat. She couldn't find it after trying for about 5 minutes and then she reassured us that our doctor would probably come right in and find it immediately. Well, she didn't. The doc actually said that it was too early to necessarily hear it with that thing and she wouldn't have had her nurse try had she known she was going to. She did let us hear a little swishy noise and she said that that was probably the baby swimming around in there being too fast for us to get a heartbeat read. I didn't have the heart to tell her I had eaten Mexican food beforehand. Just kidding just kidding. Anyway, we left feeling a little down about it but she scheduled us to come back this week to try again just for reassurance. Well fast forward a week and here we are. We went to the appointment today at 11:20 and a different nurse came right in and got the heartbeat on the first try. It was a very nice sound to hear and we were so relieved. It was the quickest doctor's appointment that I have ever been to and I didn't have to pee in a cup! Wahoo! The heartbeat is in the 170s. Now I feel like we can breathe a sigh of relief for a while. Our next appointment isn't until mid-July so as long as everything feels normal, we wont be back before that. Makes me want to go out and buy my own Doppler thingamabob! Until then, I'll just keep on taking my Tums, eating my Tuna fish, and dreaming about a Bloody Mary.


Lissa Michelle said…
so glad the dr. appt went well! love you.

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