First Sonogram

Today was the first sonogram. The lady that did the sonogram was so sweet and she was really informative and helpful. She had such a soothing voice and she even let us break the rules a little. (And she liked my dress so that is a big plus in my book. :)) She said that the baby is one inch long and measures exactly 9 weeks. That is a few days off from our original due date but she said since it's so close, the doctor probably wont change the date. Hooper asked her if we could video the screen and she said that they really aren't supposed to let us do that but that we could. :) The little baby was sooo wiggly! I'm sure he/she was saying, "Feed me Seymour!" Here is the video and one of the still shots.


Lissa Michelle said…
YEA! so special! i feel that first sono and hearing of the heartbeat are so amazing!
faith said…
:) I am glad everything is moving along as it should. I love you.

I am trying to figure out how to add people to follow on this blog thing. I think I am going to needs someone's help, it's confusing.

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