Well there have been some major changes happening lately. It's really only one major thing but with that one major thing comes LOTS of changes. Budget changes, home changes, lifestyle changes, and body changes. If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm pregnant. On May 10th Hooper went to Big Lots (classy) on his way home from work and picked up a couple of pregnancy tests. He came home and insisted that I take one right then and there. Me being as tired as I was, taking a test was the last thing on my mind. I was in a bad mood anyway and didn't want my mood to affect my reaction if the test read what I knew in my heart it was going to read. But a little bit of pressure and a, "I'll take one if you'll take one" comment later, I opened up one of the boxes. This particular test looked like a heartworm test at my work. I didn't look like a pregnancy test I had ever seen. There was no stick to urinate on. In fact, the instructions said to urinate in a cup and then use this little dropper and drop four drops onto this little dot on the test. This is all fine and everything but the said cup didn't exist. I suppose they want you to use one of your own. Well I wasn't about to pee in one of my very own cups and then drink out of it a few weeks later. So my lovely husband got a water bottle and cut the entire top half off of it. So anyway, I did my business in the water bottle, dropped four drops where I supposed to do so, and then turned around and did something else. (Probably picked up dog poop or something but I can't remember.) Before 30 seconds had passed my anxious husband said, "Baaaaaabe..." He was staring at the test from the moment I set it on the countertop. There it was. A big old double line positive. We immediately got in the car and went to the store to get a recordable card for Mother's Day. (This was the day after Mother's Day.) We went by Anna and Eddie's and I asked them if I could take Elliott with us because we forgot something at my house. In the car I taught Elliott how to say "I'm gonna have a baby cousin" and we recorded her on the card. We drove over to my mom and dad's house and gave Mom the card that she couldn't understand. Finally after listening about 8 times we told her what it said. She was over the moon with happiness! Next up was my dad. We took Elliott with us into his room and had her tell him the same thing. Poor Dad couldn't understand a word of her message. So we had to tell him to. He too was extremely excited but seemed like it hadn't really hit him yet. By the time that all of this was going on, Hooper had already called all of his family. We finally took Elliott back home and she told her parents the news as well. They were able to understand her after a few tries. (She got a little more clear the more she said it.) Anna helped me get to her to say a little bit clearer as we recorded her on the phone to send out to my best friends. When we finally decided to make it public on our facebooks, Anna and Eddie had her make this video for me to post.

So here I am now 9 weeks pregnant. I'm tired, I feel as though there is a bubbling pool of acid in my esophagus, and television shows make me get a cry face that ordinarily wouldn't do so. So far no nausea though. That is the big plus. According to the What to Expect When You're Expecting app I have on my phone, this week the baby is the size of a prune and my uterus is the size of a grapefruit. This is apparently the time when a belly will start appearing. It does specifically say that if you're bigger, your belly wont show up quit yet. So there's that. Ha. We have our first sonogram this Tuesday and we are really excited. As of now the due date is January 9th. After the sonogram they will adjust it if need be. I have already been eyeing different nursery schemes and I'm really pumped about that part. We have a few names that are front runners, and the chinese fortune calendar and the pencil test both say that this baby is a girl. We shall see. Anna seems to think it's a boy. Hooper and I don't really prefer one over the other just as long as the baby is healthy and doesn't come out with a full beard.


Lissa Michelle said…
LOL at the beard! CONGRATS! i love you and you all the changes that are going on for the hoopers! can't wait to see your sonogram pic!
Lora said…
Chelsea... this is so exciting! I just love Elliot's video! Now, if you could only take your own maternity pics! Lol! Congratulations!!!

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