17 weeks 2 days

I'm gonna just get straight to the point here. I am officially into week 18 and I can honestly say that the honeymoon seems as though it might be over with this pregnancy. Within the past two days I have had more pain than I have felt at all in the pregnancy. In the mornings I feel pretty good but after I eat lunch it's as if I can barely walk. Everything inside my stomach feels as though it weighs 200 pounds and is being magnetized toward the floor. In other words, it's far from comfy. I went from looking like I had gained some weight to looking like a pregnant lady over night. A few mornings ago I stretched really big in bed and my halfway asleep mind imagined stretch marks popping up one by one rapidly as I stretched my stomach. It was so strange. So now that I had that weird half awake dream, when I stretch I think about it even though I know that isn't how they'll come about. I also realized recently that I might ought to start sleeping on my side now. This is an extremely uncomfortable position for me to get used to. I am normally an every position sleeper. I fall asleep on my back, roll over to the left, then the right, and awake on my stomach all in smooth motions that don't awaken me. Now that I'm aware of the fact that the best position for pregnancy is on your left side, I awaken with every movement, or desire for movement I should say. I finally went to get one of those weird S shaped body pillows for pregnant ladies and I'll tell you what, that thing is expensive! Once I saw the best one there which was the full S shaped one, I realized that it might be made for "average" women. Meaning that my 5'11" body might be squeenched in the S and I'd be completely racked by the time I was in there. Soooooo, I opted for the candy cane shaped one. I gotta say that I don't really understand it yet. I went back to sleeping on my back and decided we might cross that bridge next week after I talk to my doctor about sleep positions. But aside from all of the pregnancy stuff, things are going well with baby stuff. We got the nursery painted and that is soooo relieving to me! I have so many dreams for this room and slowly but surely I think they're coming true. I will probably post pictures here and there of the room and then a final one when it is completely done. And I can't wait for that day! Our great friends Hilda, Laura and Sarah got us our dream glider chair and ottoman for the room and in a couple of weeks it'll be here! I don't understand why everyone in their right mind doesn't own a glider. Why would we spend money on a regular Laz-E Boy and not on one of these wonders?! I can't wait for the room to be all done and to just go sit and glide in there with a good book as I await Finley's arrival. Oh yeah, that's another thing. August 9th we go to the doctor for our gender sonogram. So remember, I cheated on my doctor and already found out so I'll have to put on my best Oscar winning performance of pure shock at the appointment. HOWEVER, if she tells us that this baby is a boy, there will be no acting involved. It's really a big appointment because she'll tell us how the baby is measuring and how things are looking so far. I am really, really excited about it. Nervous too, but mainly excited. Here are a few photos of the nursery so far. Please note, the running horses boarder IS NOT THE NURSERY. That was before and I have hated it since we bought the house but taking it down was really hard so it waited until now. :)


Lissa Michelle said…
sorry you're uncomfortable! i'd like to say it gets better, but for me it always got worse (the sleeping, the eating) the bigger i got. i don't own a glider! LOL. but i did use one the other day at someone else's house and it was really nice to nurse in!
chelsea said…
I should clarify. I don't mean that every mother needs a glider. I mean, why don't living rooms have gliders instead of recliners and regular chairs? Why doesn't the room store and rooms to go have nice living room gliders?! I just don't understand! They are fabulous!

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