20 weeks

Halfway there. I really can't believe that. It has gone by very fast it seems. I really think that the timing of the pregnancy has a lot to do with that. If I would have gotten pregnant in November then it probably would have felt like a long pregnancy because from November to the summer seems like eternity! The months from January to May seem to drag on. But it always seems to me that summer flies by, and then Christmas comes before we know it. So I think that's why it feels like it's happening quickly for me. It is crazy how the last week I have felt major changes. I went from not really feeling very pregnant to feeling pregnant. I feel her move around all the time now. I have a hard time bending over to pick things up. Not that my stomach is huge or anything, just that it hurts. Also, my feet have started swelling. I really hate that. It's pretty uncomfortable, but it gives me an excuse to take a break and put my feet up. (At home that is. I wouldn't do that at work unless it was absolutely unbearable. I don't want my coworkers to think I'm lazy! My husband already knows I am so that doesn't matter. :)) I don't think my stomach has gotten any bigger the past couple of weeks. Below is a picture from a minute ago and it is a horrible picture. I don't have any makeup on and I look very tired. I'm not really tired though. I slept until 12:00 today. :)


Lissa Michelle said…
i think you've popped!
the walton's said…
i love that you are feeling her kick now!! it is so special!!

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