18 Week Sonogram

Okay so here is the short blog regarding our sonogram we had done Monday, August 9th. This sonogram was an extremely important one for Hooper and me. Since we declined the Quad Screen blood test, we were very anxious. The ultrasound tech at my doctor's office used to be a high risk ultrasound tech. This means that she knows exactly what to look for when it comes to anything that might be wrong that is viewable in a sonogram. We spent about 25 minutes in there with her as she made sure that every little thing measured correctly and that everything looked okay. She assured us that there were several things that we could rule out and Dr. Deem even told us that most of the things the Quad Screen tests for appeared to be okay through the sonogram. The ultrasound tech told me that Finley was extremely active. She was very wiggly on the screen. Oh and she did assure us that Finley is a girl. :) Dr. Deem told us that she is measuring in the 44th percentile which means if she stays at this rate throughout the pregnancy, she should be about a 7 pound baby! Here are some pictures that we got at the visit.


Lissa Michelle said…
wasn't elle a 7 lb baby exactly? :) finely looks so cute. any day now you should feel her move! love her already.
mackenzie said…
Finley Casper is getting big! glad everything was perfect :)

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