25 Weeks

We did a little nursery work this week and fewer things excite me more than that! Our dresser came in and today we stocked the cabinet on it with all Number 1 diapers and some wipies. It looks extremely organized and I realize that it probably wont look that way for long. But for now, it makes me feel relieved and happy. Hooper raised the crib today. It was lowered because Beckett stayed the night over here some weeks ago. Mom and I took all the fabric and pillow forms to the lady that will be making them for us and she said she'd have them done within a month. You have NO IDEA how happy I am to get those done! She is making the bedskirt, covering a bench cushion, and doing about 5 or 6 pillows. Mom is going to make the window valance but we can't make that until we get the material back from the lady. Other than those projects, the only thing left to do in the nursery is one more final project that is in the works. I am hopeful that it will get done soon. A lady I work with is working on part of it and then once we get that part, we'll have to finish it in the room. It is the thing I am MOST excited about for Finley's room. I cannot wait! Other than that, there are just finishing touches really. We went to my parents house and went to the basement to get tons and tons of books for the shelves and we stocked those today. I also found a bin of some special little dresses that my mom saved from when I was a baby. I want to coordinate at least one of those little dresses into the nursery, so that'll be just one more finishing touch I suppose. The pregnancy this week has been no different from the last couple of weeks really. Still having indigestion. My bones in my bottom hurt when I sit for a long period of time. Sometimes my hands get tingly. I am 25 weeks along now and only have 15 more to go. That is just nuts to me! Anyway, my picture this week is not too pretty, but you get the point at least. And here's a picture of the dresser also. Remember, these are only phone pictures. When the whole thing is all put together I will take a lot of photos with my good camera. :)


the walton's said…
love the dresser!! and can't wait to see the project you have up your sleeves :)

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