36 Weeks

I can't believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant. In the beginning, Finley was only the size of a sesame seed and now she is the size of a watermelon! I remember everyone saying, "Just wait until she's the size of a watermelon!" and I felt like it was sooo far away. It's so strange. I know that the holidays are going to make the rest of this time fly by and I am just so excited. I'm getting a little nervous for the actual birthing process, but I'm really elated to see her face and finally meet her. Last night was the first night that I really thought, "Holy moly. I could go into labor at any given moment now." I woke up choking (because of my dang indigestion) and my first thought of waking up in that panic was, "Did my water break?!?!" It made me laugh after I finally realized that I was choking and not going into labor. That is the second time that I have choked in my sleep because of my indigestion and it really stinks. We started finally washing Finley's blankets and washcloths and burp rags. We also started packing our bag for the hospital. We really should have done that a long time ago, but what can I say? I slacked and thankfully it's worked out so far. I don't really feel like she's "dropped" yet because I still feel her in the same spots and one of those spots is relatively high up by my ribs and I'm pretty sure it's her head there. I am ready for her head to be down and for her to be ready to arrive! Tonight I have a sore throat and that is really a bummer. I haven't been sick this whole time and I really don't want to get sick right here at the end. I'm a little bummed that we didn't get a picture for 35 weeks but I also don't feel like I look much different over the past few weeks. However, I could be way off. I do think my face is getting a little bit more swollen and that really stinks but it's all a part of it I suppose. Anyway, I wonder how many more of these posts I'll have before she is here!!!


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