37 Weeks

Well we are getting closer and closer to the due date! I have reached a point where I am not sleeping well at all. I wake up usually around 11:30, 1:30, 4:00 and 5:30. This morning I had such bad pains in my stomach that I had to get Hooper up to help me get out of bed. (They were just gas pains.) Every time I rolled over or had to use the restroom in the night I was in such bad pain. I can't wait for tomorrow when we get our sonogram and then talk to the doctor again. I am really hoping that she'll set an induction date! After we go to our appointment we are going to finish up our Christmas shopping. Other than feeling gas pains sometimes and not sleeping, my indigestion is still kicking and I'm having pains in other areas that will remain nameless. Finley is still moving around a lot and I still feel like she's really high. But remember, the doctor said she's really low. That makes me think she might be really long! I just can't wait for our sonogram to find out! Anyway, here is my photo from Sunday. And below are some of our favorites from our maternity session we had Sunday! Anna took the photos and edited them! We LOVE them! Don't forget to see our website for more photo details. www.aandcphotos.com


Lissa Michelle said…
the maternity pictures are AWESOME. love them. can't wait to hear about your sono. text me.

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