39 Weeks and a Final Nursery Reveal

Well I made it past 39 weeks. I can't believe it. Honestly, I'm not miserable though. I keep wondering when I'll feel like I can barely move, but it hasn't happened yet. I go to the doctor again tomorrow to see if I've progressed any. Last week she told me I was 1/2 a centimeter and I really feel like that was just a pity 1/2 she was giving me. :( But tomorrow I hope that we start talking induction if things haven't progressed. I have still been sleeping on the wedge pillow for my indigestion and it is so great! It really helps and I sleep pretty comfortably on it. Below are the photos of Finley's nursery. It is finally finished. My mom hemmed the bedskirt and made the most amazing window valance and that was all we needed for it to be complete! Mom is still going to make two more pillows but that will just be a bonus. We have everything ready for Finley's arrival and we are just getting very anxious for her to get here already! My friend Maggie who is due tomorrow and who has been a great pregnant friend during these 9 months is in labor right now! And my cousin had her baby last night! It makes me want to have her so badly! The pets have been acting a little different which makes me feel like it's happening soon. Lyle has been so frisky and she's been climbing up on my belly and laying down and purring and licking my face pretty much on a nightly basis. Lefty, who usually either doesn't cuddle with anyone or cuddles up with Hooper, has been sleeping right next to/on top of me every night. And sweet little Alice is always right next to me so it's hard to tell if she knows anything is going on. :) Spanky hasn't been acting different though, but he's the only male in the animal family so maybe he doesn't have those maternal instincts. Last night some of my best girlfriends came over and Lissa brought her 6 month old, Mailey James over. Alice LOVED her. She was so curious about her in the car seat and she wagged her little tail nonstop while she watched her. Then I found her licking her little bitty baby hand. That makes me think that Alice is going to love Finley. Lefty and Lyle? I'm not so sure about. But Alice and Spanky are extremely sweet natured. I really wonder if I'll have a post at 40 weeks. The first picture below is of course my weekly Sunday picture. I'm beginning to look a little puffier in my face I think. And don't even get me started on my feet, hands and ankles! Eeek!


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