Bases Around The House

Here is just a little blog for new mommies. A "base" is something I made up in my own head. I don't even think I've talked to Hooper about it. But a "base" is somewhere you can put the baby. Bases are really important around the house because if you have to go to the bathroom, it is just more comfortable to have a base near you instead of leaving the baby in the living room unattended. Does this all make me sound crazy? Oh, who am I kidding? I have probably sounded crazy since I first got pregnant. The bases that we use around our house are these:

Above is the Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper. It is the first base I used. I kept it in the bathroom when I was home alone with Finley and she was a newborn. I would just lay her in it while I did my thing. The thing is a GREAT base because you can put it pretty much anywhere and the baby can take a nap. I still use it now when I shower.

This little photo is her bouncy seat. She LOVES her bouncy seat. She has one, Bennett has one, and Gigi keeps one at her house. We usually keep this in our bedroom. It's not nearly as easy to transport around the house as the infant sleeper is, so wherever we put it, it usually stays for a while. (It's not heavy, it's just very wide and awkward to go through doorways with.)

Her swing stays in her nursery because it is not easily transported. It's really the only base in the nursery other than her crib. Her crib is filled with pillows and probably cat hair, so we don't ever use that yet. She enjoys her swing, but she doesn't HAVE to have her swing like some babies. I think that Hooper and I were both scared that she would become dependent on it to go to sleep, so we didn't use it all that much in the beginning. Now we use it more though because she is a good sleeper with no assistance falling to sleep.

And of course there is her Pack N Play. We don't use this too often as a base because she can get fussy if we lay her in there and it's not bed time. She affiliates it with sleep, and if we just need to set her somewhere for a short time, she thinks we are trying to put her to bed prematurely. When she gets a little bigger, this will probably be one of the main bases when we turn it into the play pen type thing.

Her Bumbo is one of the easiest bases to use. We can just pick this little thing up and put it wherever we want. She loves it and we love it, so it is definitely one of our favorites.

The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is one of the best baby items that you can purchase! It is so incredibly light and very easy to move around. If you look it up, it has some of the very best reviews of any baby product. It is great for babies with reflux. My little niece, Bennett sleeps in hers every night. She has reflux and it has helped tremendously! My only complaint about it is that the patterns aren't very cute, and I'm a pattern girl. But I would advise ANY mom to get this for their baby. Finley spends a lot of time in hers in our living room. She takes her evening nap in it every night.

And now last but not least, our new found base is her jumperoo! We have only been using it for a couple of days, but we have no complaints so far! Finley really loves it!
The thing for a new mom to know about "bases", is that not everyone uses them, not all moms think you should have something planned out like that, but I promise it will make things easier. If I recommended only two for newborns it would be the infant sleeper and the rock n play sleeper. The two of them are just too easy to move around and so convenient. Not that anyone even asked for my advice, and not that I'm Miss Mommy-Know-It-All, but I really just think that these things make life a little easier. I remember wondering how in the world I was supposed to take a shower when Hooper went back to work. I decided I'd just wait until he got home from work to do so, and I did it like this for a few days until the time came when I had to take Fin somewhere during the day while he was working. That's when I realized how easy it was if these objects were already strategically placed around the house for me to set her while I did other things. I hope that these recommendations help some of you out!


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