Living Room Revamp

I haven't been happy with my living room for a really long time, but I kind of felt trapped and stuck with what it was because of the bulky, black leather furniture. I can't replace the furniture because Spanky has done a number on the existing couches, and I know his nails would just ruin new ones, as well. I hadn't quite figured out what I wanted to hang on the wall behind the couch, either. I was debating between some gallery wraps or some Organic Bloom frames. I already had several OB frames, but not the right combination for a really good look back there. So for far too long, my living room was just really blah. 

I found out that my longtime friend, Megan, and my new friend, Leigh Ann, started a new business called Refresh Your Nest. I asked Megan what it was all about, and she explained it to me. Basically, they take your existing furniture and accessories and totally redecorate your space by moving them around. They can also go shopping for you and buy new things that they think are needed to spruce it up, if you'd like. So... I had them come over. 

I already had some ideas in my head, but I was anxious to hear theirs, as well. One thing that I was pretty set on doing was getting an upright piano and painting it. I have been pinning painted pianos for a couple of years on Pinterest, and now that we were working on a living room revamp, I figured now was a good time to actually do it. I told them that idea, and they loved it. Hooper had seen a friend of his that had his books on his shelves color coordinated, and we all liked that idea a lot, too. I mentioned to the ladies that my mom is an amazing artist, and that we could use some of her art that was in her basement. They took notes and had some great ideas and gave me a tiny bit of homework (finding, buying, and painting the piano included). I gave them a budget, and the ladies went shopping. The first thing they did was pick us out an ottoman, some pillows for the couches, a lamp, and some more accessories. I loved what they chose, and it got me even more excited about the whole revamp. I posted on Facebook asking anyone if they had a piano for sale, or even better, for free. A friend of mine left a comment telling me that a lady from our church was looking to get rid of hers for free. PERFECT! The whole piano story is another blog in itself that I'll post later, but we got the piano and painted it. I am so incredibly happy with the way that it looks, and Megan and Leigh Ann were, too. My mom recovered the bench for us, and I just couldn't be happier with the way that whole project turned out. I ordered two more Organic Bloom frames, spray painted my wine glass rack (well, Hooper did.), and got some painter drop cloths to hang as curtains (all per their instructions). They loved my mom's art, so we hung it just about anywhere we could. I love being able to display REAL art. And not only REAL art, but my MOM'S art at that. We had some really cool vintage cameras on our bookshelves, but the way that they redid our shelves really showcases them so much better. They also spray painted a vase that I had sitting on my front porch, and put it in the corner, next to the piano. I was in such awe of all of their ideas, and their amazing vision. It' was great that they could see potential in my blah living room, because I was beginning to think that it was a lost cause. 

New purchased items are:
Beige pillows
Coral/Red chevron pillows
Blue and cream pillows 
2 lamps (1 on side table, 1 on piano)
Basket next to couch
Yellow throw blanket in basket
Cream colored pedestal accent table 
Silver vase with faux plant
Basket under entryway table
2 bar stools
Two candlesticks with candles
Candle decoration atop bookshelf
Silver decoration atop bookshelf
Red Organic Bloom frame
Blue Organic Bloom frame 
Gray accent table next to chair
Piano paint for FREE piano 
Material and foam for piano bench 
Painters drop cloths/curtains

Everything else is stuff that we already had that the ladies rearranged. I'm extremely pleased with how everything turned out. I'm embarrassed to show the before photos, but here goes... (Scroll to the very bottom for before and after comparisons.)

And now... AFTER...

And now comparisons...


And just for giggles, here is the before and after of the piano. 


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