More Changes For The Hoopers

Let me start by sharing the verse of my summer. 
There’s certainly a lot to get you all caught up on since my last post. We moved into the new house on August 23rd, and are almost completely settled. I still need to hang pictures and finish some details, but for the most part, we are settled. We don’t have internet or cable yet, and that is really putting a damper on things for me, but supposedly, next week they’ll finally have it all worked out and we’ll be set up with both. Here's a pic of the day we moved. Very bittersweet. 

Fisher had his recheck AFP lab work last Monday, and after the blood draw, we immediately had to walk downstairs to his Orthopedist appointment. The appointment with his Orthopedist went fine. No changes with the difference between the sizes of his legs. Though Dr. Kennedy said that they usually don’t have a large growth spurt with one side until they’re a little older. He gave me a little more information on how they’ll put a plate in to stop the growth of the larger the leg when he’s a teenager if it gets to be a big difference. He wants to see him again when he has to see Finley again (for her previous hip dysplasia) in March. Later in the day, they called with the lab results. The AFP was 18.1, which was a little lower than last time. Wonderful news! We will see the Oncologist again November 3rd, and he’ll do an exam and possibly check the AFP again. We won’t have another renal ultrasound until February I believe. 
Remember how we wanted that house with the pool so incredibly badly? And remember how it was almost ours, and then it all fell through, leaving me devastated? Then we found our new house and it was almost too good to be true and we jumped on it super fast and closed in 2.5 weeks? Well our new house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I was really excited that we would finally get to have a real guest room for our guests, and I would decorate it so cute. I had big plans for that extra room. The other house (with the amazing pool) was only 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (but with a guest house). The night before we closed on our new house, I realized why everything had happened exactly the way that it had. We actually will need the 4th bedroom, after all. And I won’t get to have that adorable guest room like I had thought. 
And had we gotten the other house, we wouldn’t have room for this little addition. Not to mention we would be super duper financially strapped. But had we not fallen in love with that house, we never would have put our house on the market. Had our house not sold, we wouldn’t have been able to jump on this new house as quickly as we did, and it would’ve sold within the first week no matter what. In fact, our realtor said that a realtor in her office asked how solid our contract was, because she had a client that wanted to make an offer if we weren’t sure. And had we been able to pull out of the sale of our house when the other fell through, we’d have been stuck in a super small house with a growing family. I can totally see how God worked all of this out for us, and I’m amazed at all of the dominos that had to be set up meticulously for everything to fall into place exactly like it should. Oh, and remember how crazy of a month I had in August? This added the cherry on top. 

To answer any questions you might have (these are the ones people ask us): 
No, this was not planned. It was a total shocker. 
Yes, we know what causes that. 
Yes, we will find out what this one is because I think it’ll help Finley to know if it’s a boy or a girl. She’s really set on it being a girl, and if it isn’t she’ll need to have time to get used to that. 
And finally, I don’t know if he/she will have a name beginning with F. 


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