100th Post

This is my 100th blog post, so I feel the pressure to make this a good one. Though I don't really have much to say. I've been working a lot on the house lately- trying to get it all of the finishing touches done. I'm super duper pumped about the guest room. I hope to take a lot of photos when it's all said and done. We've been getting ready for Christmas, which is my MOST favorite time of year! The tree is up and the stockings are hung ON OUR MANTEL. ABOVE OUR FIREPLACE. I say that excitedly because at our old house we didn't have a fireplace or a mantel, and we had to hang the stockings from the piano. (Which did look nice, if I do say so myself.)

Fisher has been to see Dr. Ray (the Oncologist) again and had his lab work done. The AFP was still hanging around the same number as last time, which is good news. I still want to know why it isn't down where a normal 19 month old's is, but since it's not in the hundreds or thousands, I'll take it. If you're lost on what in the world I'm talking about, read this post, and then the most recent few. We will go back for an ultrasound in February, and then we'll see Dr. Ray again the next day.

Jude's adoption finalization was last month, and it was a beautiful celebration! Anna made the most fabulous video in honor of the celebration.

We've been staying super duper busy with photography this season, and now that it's December, it will slow down a bit. Any weekend that I'm not working at the clinic, we're out doing sessions. The only true days off that I have are any weekdays I'm off work. We usually don't have sessions then. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. We love it. I mean, who else gets to hang out with their best friend for hours and do their hobby? It's a dream job!

Oooh! Ooooh! I know something that is exciting that I can share with you all! My friend Courtney  told me about something called Stitch Fix a couple of months ago, and it seemed too good to be true, so I signed up! Well, it is too good, but it's definitely true. You fill out all kinds of information about your sizes and the type of styles you like, and then your stylist chooses 5 different pieces for you and mails them straight to your house. You don't pay for anything except for a $20 styling fee when they start putting together your fix, and that goes as a credit towards your purchase. So let me lay it all out for you..... You fill out info. Yes, you put a credit card info in, but you're not charged anything yet. About 3-4 weeks later, they'll get your fix ready to ship out, and they'll charge your card $20. When you get the box on your porch it's like Christmas! Everything is a surprise! You open it all, try it on, (still not paying for anything yet), and you choose what you'll keep and what you'll send back. If anything doesn't fit, or you just don't like it, you put it in the already stamped and addressed bag that they provide you and put it in your mailbox with the red flag up! To checkout and pay for what you are going to keep, you get online and sign into your stitch fix account and your items will already pull up in your cart. You check what you're gonna keep and anything you're sending you back, there's a blank for you to fill in why you're sending it back i.e. it was too small, you don't like oversized sweaters, etc. If you keep everything, you get 25% off the total! It's awesome! You can sign up for automatic fixes every 2-3 weeks, or every month, or every other month, or you can just choose when you want a fix and not do automatic fixes at all. The first fix I received, I had literally just found out I was pregnant, so I couldn't justify spending money on something I wouldn't be able to wear for a really long time. Luckily, they sent a great pair of earrings, and my $20 styling fee went towards them. I then told my stylist I was pregnant, and asked if she'd please send me oversized sweaters, shirts, and jewelry. Unfortunately, I miscarried, and then had to tell her never mind on the previous message. With my next fix, she sent the sweetest personal note about how she, too, had just gone through that, and she was very sorry for my loss. I ended up keeping 3 out of 5 of the items from that fix because one of the shirts was too small, and the boyfriend jeans were way too short waisted for me. The most recent fix that I got was the best of all! I got burgundy skinny cords, a big plaid cardigan sweater, a burgundy necklace, a gray sweater with a cream silk shirt sewn in at the bottom (where it looks like I'm wearing a nice shirt under the sweater), and a navy dress. The dress is a little small, but it was cheaper to keep it and get 25% off, than to send it back and lose the 25%. :) So, I'll just have to lose weight and fit into it someday. Another bonus is that for every person that signs up through your referral link, when their first fix ships, you get a $25 credit! So if you are going to sign up, please, please do it through my link! :)

Okay, that was kind of off subject, but there really isn't a subject of this post I suppose. I'm just blabbing on and on. For a hundredth post, it really isn't that grand, after all. But to end, enjoy these photos from the past couple of months. :)


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