Waaaaaay Overdue For an Update

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post an update. Things have just been so busy around here, and any time that I actually sit down in front of the computer, it's usually to edit photos. Excuses excuses, I know, I know.

So where do I even begin? I guess I'll pick up right where I left off. The last post that I wrote was in April and it was sad. Little did I know that just about a week and a half later everything would change. I realized that there might be a chance I was pregnant, but I kept ignoring it. Finally one day Hooper told me to take a test. I asked him to pick one up for me on his way home from work, and he informed me that we still had one left from the two pack from the last pregnancy. I texted him and said something along the lines of "Whatever the results of this test are, I need you to be happy and supportive." (He's always supportive, but he wasn't totally keen on the idea of trying to have another baby.) He told me that of course he would be happy and supportive, and to let him know as soon as I knew anything. The test was positive and I had all kinds of feelings. I was happy, nervous, scared, unsure if we could really handle three kids. I'm sure that Hooper had all of the same feelings as I did, but only let onto excitement.

We told our families and best friends, scheduled a doctor's appointment, and kept it a secret from everyone else. After my lab work at the first doctor's visit, I found out that my progesterone was low. At this point I wasn't even really allowing the pregnancy to sink in with myself because I was so nervous that something bad would happen. I got a prescription for Progesterone, and took them religiously every evening. I was still nervous at every appointment that they would tell me that there wasn't a heart beat. I was especially nervous at my 12 week appointment, because this is the visit when I found out I lost the baby before. When I heard the heartbeat at that visit, I cried happy tears. I felt like it was the first time that I allowed myself to truly feel it all. I still wasn't ready to "announce" the pregnancy. I think this might be the point where we told our kids, though. We definitely waited, because when we lost the last baby, Finley was heartbroken. I was still reluctant to tell them, but they really needed to know, because I couldn't carry Finley when she wanted me to, or do other things that were normal.

As far as everyone else though, I had decided that I would wait until our beach vacation and do something cute on the beach. Our vacation came (and it was just as amazing as it is every year!), and I still didn't feel quite ready to announce it. I had a doctor's appointment approaching shortly after we returned home, so I felt like it would just be extra safe to wait for that visit, and THEN announce it. Then I thought that the big gender sonogram was approaching just about a week and a half after that appointment, so why not just wait for that? And so that is exactly what we did.

During the gender sonogram, we asked the tech not to tell us the sex. Instead, we brought a little pair of Jennifer Ann "little brother" leggings and "little sister" leggings, and asked Dr. Deem to put the appropriate pair in a box for us. Everything else with he sonogram went well, except that the tech couldn't get a good look at the chambers of the heart. Dr. Deem assured me that she hadn't seen anything alarming, but she just couldn't get as good of a look as she needed to get the measurements. So we had to schedule another sonogram for a month later. That day seemed like the longest day ever. It was really hard to drive around with that box and not peek at it. But we stuck with the plan and opened it in front of my family later that evening. By the way, I just KNEW it was a girl.

So it turns out he's a boy. I was really shocked. It really took me a few days to get used to it because I was so sure he was a girl. In fact, I didn't even really want to talk names too much until I had my sonogram a month later and had clear confirmation that it's a boy. So... the next month's sonogram came and all was good with his heart, he measures bigger than his due date (which is December 23rd), and he's definitely a BOY. Oh, and he has the cutest little profile I've ever seen in a sonogram.

Now that I had the confirmation that I needed, the name game was in FULL force. Every name that I loved, Hooper hated. And every name that he loved (which was only one name, and it was Falcon), I hated. I finally decided that I loved the name Fielder the most. Hoop wasn't crazy about it, but I told him that he could name the middle name if he let me have Fielder. He agreed, and so now we have a growing little baby in my belly named Fielder Augustus Hooper. He measures big, and so do I. I gained 14 pounds in the last MONTH. My maternity clothes from Finley's pregnancy and Fisher's pregnancy barely fit me, and I've already outgrown my size Large maternity scrubs that I ordered. :( The nursery decorating has begun, and I can't wait to finish it and post a nursery reveal for all to see. Here are some photos of Fielder and me over the last several weeks. See what I mean about both of us measuring big? Yikes. 

In comparison to my other pregnancies, I'd say that this one is most similar to Fisher's. I felt very hungover the first 15 weeks, have felt pretty good from then to now, but my feet have already started swelling, and are sensitive to me being on them for long periods. Bending over is almost not doable anymore. It's hard to roll over at night, and I'm not sleeping very solid anymore. The indigestion is here full force, and the leg cramps just started two nights ago. But you know what? It's really not bad. Everything is going pretty darn well. I love being pregnant, and never wish it away in a hurry. I hope to keep updating this, because Fielder is getting totally gipped in the pregnancy blog post department. He's already being treated like a third child. :) 


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