Quick Update

Just a quick update... I haven't felt dizzy lately. I haven't felt nauseated lately. And I've rarely had headaches. (With the exception of watching Elliott twirl round and around tonight. That made me feel a bit dizzy.) I went to the Optometrist again today and retook the field test. My results completely took the doctor off guard because they were perfect! He was blown away that a few weeks ago my results were so peculiar and now everything is normal. He is going to send everything to the neuro-opthamologist and see if he can figure out whats going on without actually seeing me. He will let me know as soon as he gets in touch with him. Whatever is or was going on has to do with my head, not my eyes. However, he did inform me today that one of my pupils is bigger than the other. Or at least it was during my appointment. I'll take an enlarged pupil any day though compared to what else I was starting to fear. Oh, and he did tell me that he was really scared I had an aneurysm and how relieved he was about the MRI results AGAIN. He's a really nice man. I sort of wish he was a regular doctor, because I enjoy his company and dry sense of humor more than most doctors. I'll update again when I know more. 


Lissa Oliver said…
I'm glad you're feeling better, Chelsea-bella! :) Just in time for Twilight Release! LOL

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