The Fam

The Fam

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a & c photography

Well, the title to my blog is "Chelsea's Changes" and a big change just occurred in my life. My sister-in-law and I just recently started our own photography business. a & c photography is our name and we couldn't be happier to start this new adventure! Here is the link to our blog . Below are a few photos from recent sessions.

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Changes

The house is still slowly but surely coming along with some changes. Actually, the past month or so things have been going really quickly. We hung curtains, we painted the kitchen, changed out light fixtures, got the new trash can and the new table and chairs, hung some art, painted the bar cabinets, put the material up in the bar, and got a new lamp. I am really excited about all of the above. Below are some before photos followed by their afters. We still have to put shelves in the bar so stay tuned for that photo on a later date.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

survey says...

Lissa filled out this survey on her blog so I grabbed the survey and I'm gonna do it too. Thanks Liss! :)

who sings the last song you listened to?
Larry Hooper

what time did you wake up today
the dogs woke me up earlier and then a text message did me in.

who has your heart?
In a romantic sense, Hooper. But my friends, pets and family have my heart also.

if the last person you kissed asked you to marry them, what would you say?
I already said yes.

do you have any siblings?
one hilarious brother.

do you have someone that you can tell anything to?
I have a few people that I tell everything to.

what kind of music do you listen to?
I'm on a huge John Mayer kick right now. But I generally listen to all kinds of music.

do you think high school relationships can last?
yes. I have seen them last.

would you date a 20 year old at your age?

are you missing anyone right now?
I'm missing Mackenzie.

have you ever kissed anyone who's name starts with a j?

does sex ruin relationships?
it can

if you needed help at 3 am, who would you call?
mom. that is assuming that hooper was with me at 3am and he couldn't help. mom lives 1/5 of a mile down the road.

what was the last thing you said to your mother?
thank you.

do you resemble your siblings at all?
yes. we don't look identical but you can definitely tell we are siblings.

how is everything in your life going?
everything is going really well. the house is coming together. elliott and beckett are hilarious. our family is extremely close. hooper and i are doing great. the pets are great additions. it's all going well.

is there someone you just can't imagine your life without?
yes. several things.

what do you think about sex before marriage?
it's your business.

where you single a month ago?

do you where your hair up or down more often?

do you currently want any tattoos?

has anyone told you you've changed lately?

are you the same person you where two years ago?
for the most part. but a little chubbier.

the person you have the most feelings for calls you right now, why?
he's locked in the bedroom. he's really not but if he called me from right down the hall it'd have to be something like that.

how many people have you kissed this year?
hooper, elliott, beckett, mom, dad.

when is the last time something really bothered you?
nothing i'd want to post for everyone to see.

could you go out in public looking like you do now?
absolutely not. i'd need a comb, a teeth brushin', and a bra.

what was the last thing you drank?
the milk from my cereal bowl.

how many colors are in your bed comforter?
two. olive green and white.

how many hours of sleep did you get last night?
10ish. :)

is there someone that you would do anything for, no questions asked?

did the person that hurt you the most ever apologize?
no. i don't believe so. but we live and learn. it's water under the bridge.

do you like to take walks?
love taking walks.

what's your favorite song right now?
comfortable - john mayer (Lissa that's for you!)

how do you feel today?
pretty good. excited to take pictures of my nieces.

are you easy to get along with?
i hope so.

what do you think about people who intentionally try to make you jealous?
i think that's silly.

do you want to punch anyone right now?
no. not off the top of my head.

how did you get your last bruise?
i don't recall.

if you could erase one thing in your life, what would it be?
i don't know.

do you like to draw?
not really.

how many colors has your hair been?
it's been blonde, brown, borderline black and everything in between those.

what was your favorite disney movie as a kid?
the little mermaid

are you named after anyone?
yes. My mom.

what is your favorite color(s)?
blue or gray

do you have a best friend?
i am blessed with several of the world's best girlfriends.

do you want to see someone right this very minute?
not right this second because i mentioned i need a few things before anyone sees me.

how much longer until your birthday?
11 months

how old will/did you turn this year?
i turned 26.

how is 2010 so far?
it's great

can you drive, legally?
yes i can.

who is the one person who can cheer you up no matter what?

what are you doing tomorrow?

your ex comes up to you and tells you they're sorry, what do you say?
thank you. i accept.

who is the last person that called you?
anna i think

do you look like your mom or dad more?
i'm not sure.

what color are the walls in the room you're in?
a tan color that has a hint of gray and a hint of green in it.

do you judge people?
guilty. i wish i didn't, but i do.

is it easy to make you laugh?
yes. i love to laugh until i cry.

what is the last movie you saw in theatres?
valentines day

why did you last cry?
i was at my grandmother's funeral.

who is your last text from?

your ex is in a car wreck and almost dies, do you care?
of course i care.

what are you listening to now?
the real housewives of new york city

do you need to apologize to anyone?
i'm sure.

do people often judge you?
i don't know.

how is your heart lately?

are you good at hiding your emotions?

is there one person you'll never forget?
there are several people i'll never forget.

are you ready for summer?
yes!!!! my body isn't, but i sure am!

what is one thing about yourself you wish you could change?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I took a very long break from the blogging world and during that break I got married. I feel that since there was such a big gap there, I need to update about the wedding. I know it was over four months ago, but I will never get tired of talking about it. :)
The day was October 24th. I woke up that morning at Anna and Eddie's house in the bed with Anna and Elliott. (The three of us had a slumber party since I couldn't stay at home with Hooper.) Elliott was in such a good mood and she said in the sweetest little voice, "Good mornin'!" It was such a great way to start the amazing day. I hurriedly showered and headed up to the DeCordova country club to get last minute things in order and get my hair and makeup done. The day was spent with my best girlfriends as we ate sandwiches (thanks Brenda!) and laughed and all remained shocked that I wasn't having panic attacks at all. I am so blessed to have the best girlfriends that anyone could ever wish for and so lucky that they chose to stand by me on the most important day of my life. They are the ones that kept me calm and the reason why the panic attacks never came. Before I knew it, it was go time. The weather and the ceremony were perfect. (With the exception of a little excess wind.) Hooper looked very handsome and his groomsmen were truly dashing. (I don't use the word dashing in my every day vocab, but that is indeed what they were.) After the ceremony we took lots of fantastic photographs thanks to and then we went inside to begin the evening festivities of dancing, eating, laughing, dancing, making flip books, dancing, and sweating. It was THE most fun night. We will forever be indebted to our amazing parents for everything that they did to make the day and evening the best. They went through more stress so that we wouldn't have to and it all turned out perfect. After the wedding we took a limo to the Hyatt at the DFW airport. From there we flew to the Bahamas and stayed at the Sandals Resort. We had THE BEST HONEYMOON EVER. Here are some of the favorites from the photographs.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Kitchen Table

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been updating our house little by little. Yesterday we went to Ikea with my mom and had a great time. Mom LOVED Ikea by the way. She had a great time from the moment she first walked in. She couldn't get over the hand dryer in the restroom or the way that the basket glided across the floor. The reason why we went there was to get a new table for the kitchen. The table that we were using was fine, but a. it wasn't ours. b. it didn't go with our kitchen. and c. it was a tiny bit outdated. I say outdated, but keep in mind that my taste is extremely contemporary. So one girl's outdated is another's dream table. (Maybe dream table is a stretch.) Anyway, needless to say, we found the perfect table for us. It goes so great with our kitchen and the retro feel that the kitchen has. It seats up to TEN PEOPLE! The extra leaf stores under it and it's pretty simple to put the leaf in and take it back out. Since it's just Hooper and me at this point in our lives, we easily could have gotten a little bistro table but I love to entertain people over here. Not only that, but then we'd just have to buy a new table again when we have a family. So getting a table that seats ten was perfect for me. There was only one problem. The chairs that I loved were limited. They only had fivestock. But we bought all five and plan to go back to buy the rest on a later date. (Ikea isn't very close to home and it's pretty much an all day adventure that'll surely end up with some damage to my bank account when I do return.) They had some really modern high chairs and toddler chairs that matched the table perfectly too so we went ahead and got Beckett a seat and Elliott a seat for our house. Elliott has already tried hers out and she loves it. I love Ikea and I love new things so naturally I love this new table. Here is a photo of the old table.Here are some photos of the new table and new chairs.

Oh yeah, and we also got a new trash can which I have been wanting for a long time. The old one was so plain and so dirty and so gross. Here is the old one and the new one.

Anyway, the kitchen seems to be the subject of the updates lately so I would imagine more photos and blogs will come soon.