AFP & Ultrasound

Because of Fisher's hemihypertrophy , we have to have renal ultrasounds and lab work done every few months. He hates both. I get really nervous every time these days approach, and then stay nervous until I hear the results the next day. Last time we were there, his Oncologist said that he'd like for us to do the ultrasound and lab work, and then come back the next day to go over it in person. I hated having to drive to Fort Worth two days in a row, but I made it worth it with trips to Target and Home Goods. :)

Surprisingly, Fisher did pretty well for his ultrasound. Special Agent Oso was on tv, so that helped keep his attention. Every time he'd remember what was going on he'd get the saddest frown on his face and try to wiggle off of the table. Luckily, all I had to do was say, "Where's Oso?" and he'd point at the tv and get enthralled again. I've had to train myself not to look at the screen when the tech is doing the ultrasound, because I start thinking that I see things that look abnormal. What do I even know about what looks normal and abnormal with a renal sonogram? Nothing. The answer is nothing. So I just keep my eyes on my little guy and try not to dissect the technicians facial expressions, either. When it was over, we went upstairs to Hematology/Oncology to have the lab work done. He did pretty well with the lab work, but we were both very happy when it was over. 

We ventured to Pro Cuts and got him a pretty lousy haircut, but it's a haircut nonetheless, and he was in dire need of one. He hates haircuts, too, and I just figured if we'd put him through the other two things in life he hates, what's one more? I kid, I kid. Sort of. After the haircut, which he did exceptionally well for, we went to Target to get him a stuffed animal. He chose a black dog and named him "Meh Meh" which translates to "Spanky". (We have a black dog named Spanky, and Fisher calls him Meh Meh.) I also got myself a fabulous globe that was $15. :) 

Today we went back to meet with Dr. Ray, and my stomach was really nervous. I started replaying the ultrasound, and remembered that the tech switched to a different wand (is that what it's called?) midway through the procedure. I started wondering if that meant she saw something odd, so she grabbed the want that would get a more detailed view. I don't recall them ever switching wands before. I turned the radio up to try to keep my mind off of it, and soon we arrived. 

We had to wait a while, but I don't ever mind waiting for Dr. Ray, because I'm well aware that there are patients that need him much more than we do. We got called back to a room, and a little while later, he came in. He said the AFP lab came back at 20. Last time it was 18, the time before that it was 20.9. Dr. Ray said that at this age, normal range is 0-19, and 20 isn't really abnormal. (The normal/abnormal reference chart that the Geneticist uses is different from his, but he's the oncologist, so I'll listen to him.) He said that had his gone from 18 to 1800, then we'd be concerned. But 18 to 20, nothing to worry about. He asked if Fisher has been sick lately, and I told him that he had an ear infection and strep throat in January. The ultrasound showed that Fisher's spleen was mottled. Dr. Ray called to speak to the Radiologist about this, and the conclusion was that Fisher was more than likely sick recently. Apparently, your spleen is like your tonsils, and it is effected when your body has an infection. He said that it makes perfect sense since Fisher recently had strep and an ear infection. Music to my ears! We will go back for lab work in 3 months, and another ultrasound in 6 months, followed with a consult/exam with Dr. Ray again. In March we'll see the Orthopedist, and in May we'll see the Geneticist. All of these appointments make me a nervous wreck, but the relief we get when we hear good news quickly erases the nerves. 

And now, enjoy some photos of him from today, yesterday, and the past couple of weeks. :) 



Randell Hynes said…
Thank you for sharing. Like looking into the future. Just got back from the Orthopedist, who ordered the renal ultrasound.
chelsea said…
How are things going for your little one?

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