Fisher Update

Ever since I found out that Fisher's AFP lab work was elevated, I've been waiting for today. Part of me would get excited to see the oncologist so that we would have answers. But another part of me was telling myself to enjoy not knowing, because ignorance is bliss. If we got bad news, I'd regret not enjoying the last week of normalcy. But if we received good news, I'd reflect back on the week as one of the worst in my life. So whether the last week flew by or dragged on (which it did both), today came. 

Our appointment was at 8:15 with Dr. Ray. As soon as the nurse called us back and had to get Fisher's vitals, no surprise to Hooper and me, Fisher started crying. He's in a major "stranger danger" phase right now, which makes all of his appointments even more difficult. After that nurse logged all the info, we went into an exam room where we waited. And waited. And waited. Our appointment was at 8:15, and I bet Dr. Ray came in at 9:15 or so. That hour was very similar to the past week. I was torn on how I felt about it. Did it drag on? Or did it fly by? Was it hard to wait? Or was I enjoying that I had a normal baby in front of me for that hour? The answer is all of the above. 

(excuse my wonky eye)

Dr. Ray was extremely soft spoken and polite. He asked us a lot of questions, and then did his examination. No surprise, Fisher cried during the exam. He very quickly got to the part that we had been wanting (or not wanting) to know about. The lab work was elevated, but not to a number that concerns him. Tumor levels would be in the hundreds and thousands. Fisher's is only 20.9. PRAISE GOD!!! We asked him why the level would have gotten higher and he isn't very sure. He said perhaps it's a lab or human error. (Exactly what we have been praying for!) I wanted to make sure that I understood him clearly, so I said, "So there is absolutely not reason to think that he has a tumor?" And he said, "No. No reason to think he has a tumor." 

Dr. Ray wants to see us back in one month to recheck the AFP lab, and then we will check it every 3 months until he's 4 years old, along with the sonograms every 6 months. That's a minor change in the original plan by our Geneticist. She was going to check the lab work every 6 months. And even though this means double the tears for my little man, I'm happier to check it more frequently. 

After the wonderful news, we ate lunch, went to a couple of stores, and then decided to get rid of the mullet. Fisher has never had a haircut, and he's had these cute little (yet long) curls on the bottom of his hair. I've refused to cut them off because I so badly wanted the top of his hair to catch up to the bottom/back. The past few days, the curls haven't had much oomph to them, and they've almost been straight. He's looked like he has a true, purposeful mullet. Today, I decided to tell my achy breaky heart that it was time to get rid of it. 

Of course, his stranger danger kicked in and he cried. But when it was finished, he looked so handsome! They gave us a certificate and a hunk of his hair for his baby book, which made me very happy. I get sentimental about things like this. 
Look how old he looks!

 And here is he tonight in his cute new pajamas. He has this new thing he does when you hold the phone up for a picture (and he's in a good mood) where he squints and does a cutie pie fake smile.

Thank you, everybody, for praying for Fisher with us. We are very blessed.


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