My Favorite Things - 2019 Christmas List for KIDS

I already compiled a list of my favorite items for adults this year, so I figured I'd go ahead and share some of mine and my family's favorite KID products. This is a bit tricky because the age range of kids and what they play with varies so drastically, so I'll throw in a few for each range.

Where Is Baby's Belly Button? Board Book - and all of the others in this series
These books literally taught my kids their body parts, and so much more when they were babies. 

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Stuffed Animals 
I'm obsessed with all of these. The boys had the dinosaur until Olive chewed his little arm off, and Fielder has a rhino. I wouldn't purchase these from Melissa & Doug's site, though. You will find them on sale at Kohl's, Home Goods, Marshall's, Target, and more. Keep your eyes open for coupons to those stores, and then go scoop you up a giant animal. If these were around when I was a kid, my room would have been a jungle. 

Picasso Tiles
Fisher (age 6) loves these so much. Fielder (almost 4) loves them, too, but Fisher is really creative with them. I think they're a great way for kids to use their imagination and ability to create. 

Melissa and Doug Puppet Theater
Santa Claus brought this for Finley years ago, and it has been a hit for a long time. We sent it over to my mom and dad's when we started running out of space, and Fielder and Jude still play with it. Again, it's a great way for the kids to use their imagination. 

These are perfect for learning to spell their names, as well as functional for the bathroom and teeth brushing. 

Each of my kids got one of these last year, and they still love them. The age says 2-5 years, and I'll go ahead and go with that on this blog so I don't get sued. The three wheels makes it sturdier, and the light up wheels are fun. 

If I could only recommend one toy for your child 8 years and under, this would be it. I can't tell you how many hours my kids and their cousins have spent on the Ziggles. I wish they would have been around in the 80s. 

This was on my adult list, but it's a must on the kids' list, too. It's great for families. It's expensive, but I suspect there will be some sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

While this is a fun idea to place over their bed, I think it is even more fun to put in an empty corner of their room, put a cute pillow inside, and make it a reading nook. 

I think that every child should experience fishing, but adult fishing poles, more specifically- the reels, are very hard for kids to use. It's easy enough to catch perch and small catfish and small bass on these little rods made for kids. 

Pottery Barn has always excelled in the seating department when it comes to looks and comfort. They have a huge selection of cute chairs, but this one is one of the more cost friendly ones. You can find similar chairs at Target or other places, but the quality of Pottery Barn really is superior. 

Again, I love Pottery Barn chairs. This is expensive, but your kid will sit in it for years. Plus, it's so adorable that you really don't mind if it's sitting in the middle of your living room floor because he/she didn't drag it back to where it belongs. Speaking of dragging it, there is a little tab at the top for them to do exactly that. The first time you see your little toddler dragging it, you'll melt. 

We all see the teenagers and preteens with their AirPods in their ears now. And we also know how much everyone loves Popsockets. They've now come out with a Popsocket AirPod holder. 

This is worth you and the grandparents and aunts and uncles and anybody else going in together on a gift. It's expensive, but it is so much fun. And it is built to last! We have had one since 2009, and it's still kicking. The kids absolutely love it. And it can hold a lot of weight, plus its made well, so it really does last for years. 

This puzzle is 300 pieces, which is a good number for a first family puzzle. It's also a great opportunity for the kids to learn some geography about our country. I think that families doing puzzles together isn't very common anymore, but it's a classic in my book. 

I saw this in a catalog recently, and thought how neat it is for little kids to get to be in their own ball pit, and then when they grow a little, it's their own trampoline. Seems genius to me. 

This is seriously fun for all ages. It's hilarious to see what the kids come up with, and I can honestly say that I've never won against them. 

I haven't played this yet, but Jimmy Fallon's video of him playing was enough to make me want it. 

There are so many more good toys, books, decor, etc. but it's late. Just remember, you can't go wrong with Nerf anything, and you can find all kinds of stuff on the Wish app. Santa usually stuffs my kids' stockings with toothbrushes, toothpaste, candy, socks, underwear, character themed bandaids, and blind bags. 

I realize that I didn't put much of anything on here for teens, but they love AirPods, an updated phone, iTunes gift cards, selfie lights, and all that jazz. :) 


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