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3 Years Ago - Hemihypertrophy

I was looking at my Timehop this morning, as I do every morning, and I saw Fisher's 9 month photo. Two things came to mind immediately. 1. How fast time has flown. 2. When I took that photograph, we were about to head to his 9 month checkup, and I had no idea how everything would "change" in an hour or so.

When we got to his 9 month wellness checkup, I went in assuming that we might get in a little trouble because he wasn't cruising yet, and I knew that was our homework for this visit. But other than that, I expected a clean bill of health, just as we had always gotten with Finley and Fisher up to this point. While Dr. Watts was examining him, she noticed that one leg was larger than the other- in circumference and in length. This started a whirlwind of emotions and questions. Unfortunately, Google did nothing to ease my mind or heart. We went to an Orthopedist, a Geneticist, and eventually, even an Oncologist. To sum it all up, Fisher was diagnosed with Hemihypertro…

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