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Hello, 2019

I signed off to 2018 and welcomed 2019 with open arms. As it says above, in 2018 I learned that not everybody likes me. That was a hard pill for me to swallow. Even in grade school I just assumed that I didn't have enemies. I mean, in high school, I can think of one "enemy" that I had. But that was over a boy. I mean, come on. We were in high school. As an adult, I just always assumed that anybody I was around liked me fine, or at least didn't mind me. I don't think that everybody loves me, by any means. And I know my boisterous laugh and too-much-information conversations aren't everybody's cup of tea. But I just assumed, if you didn't like me, you'd get away from me. So that brings me to the hard pill to swallow this year. Not only does somebody not like me, they insulted my character and attempted to damage my livelihood. And the person is anonymous to me. So you can imagine the paranoia that ensued. Someone is watching my every move on social…

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