Fisher & Fielder's Room

When we found out we were expecting, the initial thought was to turn our guest room into Fisher's room, and put the new baby in Fisher's current room (it's the smallest). But I really, really like having a guest room, so I wanted to wait to make any decisions until we found out what we were having. When we found out that he was a boy, I started planning on having the boys share a room for the time being. Sure it's the smallest room in the house, but it just makes the most sense to me right now. Fielder won't actually be sleeping in there for a few more months, and his clothes are in the guest room closet. So really, it's their room, but it's still just Fisher's room in a way. When Fielder finally moves in there, I'll let Fisher decide if he wants to stay in there or if he wants to sleep in Finley's room for a little while until we move him to the guest room permanently. I knew that I wanted the nursery to be black and white, and that I wanted the triangle decals on the wall (which my mom generously put on the wall for me!). Everything else came together pretty quickly. I got the curtains, crib sheets, boppy cover, and changing pad cover from different shops on Etsy. The two sets of antlers came from my sweet friend, Stephanie. Actually, they came from her sweet hubby. Hooper spray painted them for me, because I'm not very good with spray paint. My mom made the pillow covers, and one of my mom's best friends made the beautiful quilt that is hanging on the crib. The blanket draped over the chair is from my awesome friend, Jennifer. I'm happy with how it all turned out, and Fisher is happy with it, too. I'm sure that someday Fielder will be happy with it, as well. :)

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Here's a walk down memory lane... Finley's nursery and Fisher's nursery.


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